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Miyaluo Scenic Spot in Sichuan

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The not quite literal translation of Miyaluo in the Tibetan language is the delightful dam. Miyaluo Scenic Spot is the provincial-level scenery district of well-known scenic spot. Located in the northwest of Sichuan province, Miyaluo Scenic Spot is situated in the valley of the Zagunao River at the upper reaches of the Min River within the territory of Qiang Autonomous prefecture of Aba of today.

The beautiful Miyaluo Scenic Spot is at the northern section of Qionglai mountain ranges, at the southern foot of beautiful Partridge mountain, with its back against the Snow Mountains, facing the basins, was in the middle position of the attractive golden travel line from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong travel line. The entire tourist attraction measures 29 kilometers from north to south and 127 kilometers from east to west, it covers an area of 3,688 square kilometers, over 180 times as big as the maple trees of the Fragrant Hills scenery spot in Beijing.

It's one of the largest the red autumn leaves scenic spot in the area so far discovered and open to the outside in China. Within the scenic beauty of beautiful scenery, the mountains riding up and down, crisscrossed rivers and lakes, the densely-grown and shadowy woods and fresh and sweet air, the landscape of Miyaluo Scenic Spot is delightful in all four seasons.

The scenery zone had the fame of being the red autumn leaves in the golden autumn, Tibetan and Qiang minority nationalities amorous feeling culture, Guergou hot spring and the snow-capped mountains and silver peaks. Miyaluo Scenic Spot in 1998 made the list of national-level protective coil between man and the nature in China, and the vegetation-covered areas reaches 90% in the tourist resort, with forest coverage reaching 75%, good ecological environment including mountains, rivers, and forests.

There's one giant hot spring named Guergou hot spring inside the area, which the water temperature reaches from 40 to 60 degree centigrade and contains over 20 kinds of the trace elements that are good for people, like metasilicic acid, lithium, zinc, boron and so on. During the October-November period every year, the red autumn leaves ranging from high to low are in full bloom with the administrative levels clearly demarcated from the top to the valley.

Blessed with a temperate climate distinguishing plateau features, Miyaluo Scenic Spot is known far and wide for its ideal weather and beauty. The average winter temperature has been about 3 degrees below zero. The red leaves obscured the mountains, disseminated the water and made the path. Clumps of red leaves and masses of autumn tints could burn with a lurid flame in the Miyaluo Scenic Spot. The snow mountains, hot spring, thick forest, gorgeous crimson leaves and Tibetan-Qiang culture formed one red corridor.

Ten thousand trees with spectacular purple accents are in full blossom with vivid performances in this golden fall. The mellow colors, white clouds, mountains and rivers constructed a beautiful picture of golden autumn. There was so much fairy-tale beauty that the visitors couldn't attend to them all. 

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