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Moli Waterfall Scenic Spot-Natural Oxygen Bar

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Moli is located in the northeast side of Ruili city, Yunnan province, about 20 kilometers from the downtown. It is also known as the “Zhaduo”. Legend has it a long time ago, Buddha took a bath in the spring and left a giant footprint here. To commemorate the show-up of the Buddha, local people named the place as Zhaduo. This is a place with rich mysterious atmosphere. Reports once proved it has the most negative oxygen ions of all the forests in China.

Before you are coming near, the air is already filled with the fresh smell of the earth, which you can’t find in city. Stepping in, some beautiful peacocks are walking at ese on grassland. Those peacocks already get used to the company of humans, you can take a few step closers to get a better look of them. I already thought for such pretty animals, their voice would sound nice too. But I was wrong, the voice is a little too piercing to the ears.

There was a clear stream flowing over quietly. Above it people built a dozen of bridges in different shapes and meterials, which made it more beautiful. In the distance, I saw a silver ribbon hanging on the mountain then I realized it was the waterfall, so majestic, I wonder what it felt like standing under it. It was pretty hard to put such amazing scenery into words, the heart knows.

We walked along a creek flowing down, after a short while, we were already in the woods. Tall fig trees with ripe figs hanging were growing deep, some were scattered on the ground, dark shades blocking the sun. Now I felt I was one thousand miles away from the city, what’s around me kept reminding me I was in some completely primitive forests. It was still workday so there wasn’t much of tourists inside, I could enjoy myself more.

It felt wonderful taking a walk in tropical forests, everything seems so original, giant roots and vines wrapped aroundhuge trees, with insects humming. There were so many trees and flowers I had never seen in anywhere else. This looked like alice in wonderland, I wonder if some witch might sneak out and catch me. In stories or horror film, usually they would show up at such place.

My camera were almost full cuz taking too many pictures. After one hour of climing, there was sound of water in the distance and steam was getting thicker and thicker. Then I saw the waterfall! Waters falling down from 60 meters high psot, causing huge splash everywhere, thank god I brought my umbrella with me. Smart move.

Like any other waterfalls, there was a deep pond under. Tourists were busy taking photos with the waterfall. As the wind blew the water splash, it formed a pretty rainbow. I stood there, feeling the water splashing all over me, hopefully it would brush off some sorrow and saddness. 

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