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Momoge National Nature Reserve in Jilin

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Momoge National Nature Reserve is located within the territory of Zhenlai County of Baicheng City in Jilin province, which lies in the northern section of the Songliao subsidence zone and in the western reaches of Songnen Plain. Momoge National-level Nature Reserve is the typical nature reserve in the type of wetland, with the total area of about 144,000 hectares, among which the area of the wetland in the whole accounting for over 80% of the whole area.


The general assessment indicator of wetland headed the list of the entire province. It's the largest wetland reserve in Jilin Province, which was once reputed to be the kidney of the western Jilin Province. Nenjiang River flooding area in the east of the reserve had the crisscrossed rivers, which had formed one typical sedge wetland, with an area of about 35,000 hectares.


Momoge National Nature Reserve had reserved the most original natural vegetation, which could be the core area of Momoge Nature Reserve that takes Japanese white stork as well as its natural habitats as key protection species. You could set foot on the sedge that is knee-deep. Other kinds of water plants were shaking in the wind.


Japanese white stork has settled down in the place. The wild goose and duck stopped to rest in the place. The beautiful scenery made them become slaves of pleasure. Beautiful Zhaoer River is formed in a low-lying ground. The weeds and swamps with the total area of over 60,000 hectares had formed the sea with the large bodies of water.


The ripples of reeds on the lake were wafted to us by the breeze. At Momoge National Nature Reserve, visitors can drink in to their heart's content the full beauty of natural scenery. Thousands of waterfowls already lived and multiplied here, who have endured throughout the ages.  Out in the open in the fine snow of the weeds marshes cluster the great beautiful red-crowned cranes, the black tertian plumes of their broad wings arranged over their rumps like elegant bustles.


These ed-crowned cranes even take a wife and then have children, comfortable and peaceful. The beautiful and charming alkaline wet meadow is another scenery line of beauty in Momoge National Nature Reserve. From nearby you could smell the scent of herbs; from afar you could see the color of green mountains.


Red branches and green leaves had vague windblown falling flowers. Dropping of blossoms suggest my lonely state, so would a swallow flying with its mate. She also changed its appearance of all seasons with the whirligig of four seasons, or pretty and touching, or modest and retiring, or even outburst of enthusiasm.


Especially the autumn clothing is the most beautiful, beautiful leaves blossoms atop the place, like graceful girls waving their red sleeves, will sway hospitably to beckon the pedestrians. It seems the handsome slim bride with lovely features knowing music and dance. That enjoyment stretches itself out under my feet, which is associated with your hearts. Momoge National Nature Reserve is really beautiful to the utmost degree.  

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