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Morning Tea in Guangdong

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Guangdong style morning tea is not just tea, but a special breakfast with various snacks included. There are lots of different tastes, of all are really very delicious. Many Cantonese often get up early in the morning, they sometimes call several friends or with their whole families together to go to the tea house or a Guangdong style restaurant for eating their breakfast which they called “drinking morning tea”.
In Guangdong, many Cantonese start a new day with drinking morning tea. When the old Guangzhou people met each other in the morning, they always greet to each other by asking whether have morning tea or not.

It usually takes their one or two hours to sit down around a table for drinking morning tea in a tea house. They taste the fresh tea, read newspaper, eat the delicious snacks and chat with their families and friends happily. Some old friends have not met each other for a long time, when they meet each other they often go to a tea house together to drink morning tea. It is really a good place to get together for people can gossip about everything they like and make their friendship more stable.

Moreover tea house also play a very important role in business in Guangdong. Many businessmen in Guangdong like to drink their morning tea when discuss their business not only in the morning but also in the afternoon. Most of the tea house can supply the food- “tea snacks” both in the morning and the afternoon. So it is no need to worried about can’t drink morning tea when get up too late in the morning.
Drinking morning tea is a very popular life style and social activity for most of Cantonese. No matter young and old, men and women, business men or common people like to drink morning tea almost without exception. The famous snacks in morning tea are shrimp dumplings, rice noodle rolls, phoenix talons, steamed meatballs, lotus leaf rice, soup, egg tart and so on which are very well known by Guangdong people.

Tracing the history of morning tea in Guangdong, why Guangdong people like drinking morning tea so much? Why a Guangdong-style breakfast becomes so popular? Morning tea is an ancient tradition with the history of drinking morning is dated back to Qing period. Guangdong is a well-developed region of China due to its special location along the coast of South China. Tea house have been formed for talking business, visiting friends, and enjoying the life.

Drinking morning tea in Guangdong is not expensive. Many old teahouses supply delicious food with low price attracting many people to have morning tea in them. You can find the teahouse with suitable price everywhere in Guangdong. Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong province which has many famous tea houses such as Tao Tao Ju, Lian Xiang Lou.
Enjoy the morning tea and enjoy the leisure time in Guangdong. So would you like to have a Guangdong style morning tea now?

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