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Mosuo Marriage Culture

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Lugu Lake is located in northwest of Yunan Plateau, there is a mysterious clan- the Mosuo people. They still continue the matrilineal family lifestyle, retains walking marriage form of marriage, the man not to marry , the woman not to marry. It’s known as “the last human matriarchal clan", "the world's last matriarchal culture field", "human culture matriarchal society living fossil","magic daughter of the kingdom."

In the Mosuo families, the mother’s position is supreme, because they maintain the lifeblood of family blood relationship, so in the Mosuo people’s eyes, giving birth to a daughter is a very glorious thing, it means to continue the family line, while the man, the child does not belong to him, he does not do the duty to bring dependents and do not enjoy the right to old age. Mosuo people's children are owned by the woman's family,when these children grow up ,to support mother family’s uncle or aunt.

The walking marriages bridge is where the mosuo men and women date, is the only bridge over Lugu Lake. During the day, adult mosuo men and women in the form of dance, sing at the party for Mr Right to declare their intentions. If the men fall in love with the women, he will be dating women, in the middle of the night to the women 's "flower floor" (refers to the Mosuo adult women's room). Here, the men said a female lover as "xia", women call male lover "zhu".

Why can the Mosuo people continue matriarchal society in the long-term? Many experts and scholars at home or abroad to Lugu Lake, after their inspection, its difficult to truly solve the mystery. The consensus view is that there are several reasons:

1. It is a human form of the ancient matriarchal society marriage intact heritage, because the history of the war, many Mosuo men killed in the war, in order to continue the family line and development of the population, emerged the comparative liberal form of marriage.

2. Here in a closed state for a long time, it is located in the remote, traffic inconvenience, information block, the mosuo matriarchal society is not completely collapse, and the influence of the outside world is still weak.

3. Low productivity, the economy is not developed, is the fundamental reason. The backward social productive forces, people living in poverty, individual private ownership, has not been formed and is given priority to with family under collective ownership, the average allocation.

4. Conforms to the rationality of human nature, is the ideal form of marriage in a specific environment.

Mosuo marriage mystery and spirituality of the culture of life related to the culture we are familiar with from very far away, especially its form of marriage, there is a saying that: This form consistent with human nature itself has vitality, it may even be the future of marriage home inspiration and initial development mode. 

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