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Mount Batai Scenic Spot in Sichuan

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Mount Batai scenic spot got its name because its landforms were descending by the sheets ladder with eight layers, which could be the second highest peak in eastern Sichuan. Mount Batai is the part of the limestone mountainous area of Daba Mountain.


Within the scenic beauty of colorful landscape, the tourist spot had gathered together mountain scenery, peak scenery, cliff landscape and air scenery merging into one organic whole, which is perhaps one of the most attractive scenic spots in natural scenery in Dazhou city. Mount Batai dominates over all surrounding mountains, which is known for its stiff cliffs and highrising peaks, especially the breath-taking and cloud-decorated mountain.


The surrounding valley is deep-cutting. The relative relief of valleys could reach 1500-1700 meters. Standing at the mountain tops, the surrounding mountain ranges rise and fall on the foot, as of waves, which form a magnificent sweep of several thousand kilometers. The southwest of the mountain is the stream tributary to Baisha River.


There're 36 limestone isolated hills with the relative relief of about 100 meters are irregular and strewn at random, which has a unique appeal. These hills are shaped like the chess pieces of the chess. Thus it hence the name as Qipan Mountain, which is the one that and only limestone hills landscape in Sichuan province. Mount Batai with the large and magnificent appearance had the steep cliffs with a hundred thousand feet.


Mount Batai is a towering and heaven-reaching mountain whose forbidding appearance makes one marvel at this prodigious wonder of nature, which had some combination of the sea of clouds, sunrise, Buddha's halo, fantastic mist and white snow. The place is the scenic spot with the most air landscapes in eastern Sichuan, which is named as small Emei in eastern Sichuan.


Daba Mountain area had the feature of many raindrops at night. After the rain at night, it was dear and sunny, with the fresh warmth of a full-summer day; the flowers were blossoming profusely and the grass was richly green. There were no clouds in the high sky. If you climbed up to the mountain top even it is not yet the time of daybreak, you would catch sight of the magnificent spectacle of the dawn dispersing the night.


The first light of day shatters the dark stage backdrop, and the night would instantly quit from both directions. At this time, people will be surprised to find that they're not standing on the top of the mountain yet wandering unconcernedly about the sea of the clouds.


The boundless expanse of the sea of clouds is like the rolling waves, which are dashing down to the earth. And you would experience the enjoyment of flying up to the cloud regions. The mountain top shows the sea of the clouds, as of the fairy palace in the green field. All the while, a red sun is rising slowly at the end of the sea of the clouds, which is so bright that it dazzles the eye.  

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