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Mount Damao National Forest Park

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Mount Damao National Forest Park is situated in the northwestern part of Tang County in Hebei province, with the highest peak the altitude of 1898.4 meters above sea level. In total, the park makes up an area of some 1353.33 hectares, among which the natural secondary forest 333.33 hectares, with forest coverage reaching 66.5%.


The place belongs to the warm temperate semi-arid semi-humid continental monsoon climate. The annual average temperature here is 11 degree celsius with a frost-free period of 150 days. In the meantime, there are lots of peculiar species in the park, with 532 kinds of peculiar higher species, about terrestrial vertebrates of about 144 kinds, among which the animals under second class protection had about 16 kinds.


Mount Damao is also called as Hen Mountain, the north Yue in the old times, also known as the fairy mountain, which became famous worldwide for its "grand, wonderful, vicious, and graceful" sceneries. It's the cradle of the Tongtian River. The place is blessed with the rich animal and plant resources. The trees are aspens, birch, locust tree and many more.


The wild flowers blossomed all over the mountains and plains. The morningstar lily, yellow flowers and azaleas etc. are in full blossom with vivid performances. The existence of rich traditional medicines is like Codonopsis pilosula, vermilion, leopard bone and so on. The wild animals under second class protection like the roe, pheasant, the rabbits and the mountain sheep etc. They lived and multiplied here. This is the ideal place for tourism and hunting.


Mount Damao National Forest Park makes a feature of being original and natural, the vertical distribution character of vegetation is also quite obvious. The major characteristics of flora in the Mount Damao are abundant plant species and the fantastic mountain landforms. The water landscape is natural and colorful. Mount Damao National Forest Park is the mountainous forest park that had gathered the landform, vegetation, water landscape and astronomical phenomena merging into one organic whole.


Under the cliff at the western slope of the park's Administrative Department is the morphologic landscape area, which is the Yellow Dragon Cave and Black Dragon Cave. In the northeast of the park is nearly thousands Mu of bright green oil pine forest. There's nearly 40 hectares of open land in the southern side of the highest peak.


You could only see the yellow flowers and a wide variety of mountain flowers in blossom that could finish each other scenes. The park flames with the colorful open land which is named as the grassland on the mountaintop. It's used to be the place for the general training troops during the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty in China.


Mount Damao is Hen Mountain, the north Yue in history, which had been positioned as the dominant peak of Hen Mountain since the Western Zhou Dynasty. Emperor Xuandi of the Han Dynasty issued a summons and gave Mount Damao the title of one of Five Famous Mountains. Mount Damao was used to be the sacred place of Buddhist and Daoist.    

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