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Mount Darong Scenic Spot in Guangxi

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Mount Darong Scenic Spot is about 20km to the north of Beiliu city in Guangxi province. It was given that name because it has the mighty and magnificent mountain, nothing is left out. This mountain runs from east to west, lie across a wide stretch of land in the southeast of Guangxi. There're over 10 mountain peaks with the altitude of over 1000 meters above sea level, with the main peak as the Lotus peak of 1275.6 meters above sea level, which is the first peak in the southeast of Guangxi.

Mount Darong is one famous historical mountain. Latter Han Kao Tsu Liu Chih-yuan declared himself emperor in today's Guangzhou in AD 917, which named the Mount Darong as the west Yue. Owning to the high mountain and dense clouds, with the storage of abundant water resources, there're over 10 typical alpine lakes, dozens of streams and hundreds of waterfalls inside the mountain.

The most spectacular waterfall is the Lotus waterfall with the altitude of 1000 meters above sea level, with the total fall of about 500 meters, which could let visitors experience true description: the waters cascade down from three thousand chi above, like the heaven's silver river dropping from the top. Mount Darong makes the feature of forest eco-tourism with the subject of idle pleasure of mountain and water. The trees are all green all the year round.

The flowers are in blossom and the fruit is ripe in all four seasons. The little mountain stream and waterfall splashed on the bottom, with the singing of hundreds of birds. That is why Gulangyu also has the reputation of being the green treasure, vegetable kingdom, animal paradise and tourist paradise. It has made the comprehensive landscape like the world rare alpine meadow, alpine lake, alpine waterfall and alpine Christmas forest in the Lotus mountain region with the altitude of about 1100 meters above sea level.

Mount Darong belongs to the subtropics climate region. With the misty spring, cool summer, moderate fall and dry winter, the view is different in all four seasons, with magnificent and very varied sights. The forest cover plant is very beautiful and miraculous, retaining the large areas of primitive forest. Mount Darong is the habitat of wild animals and the cradle of Nanliu River.

There's the patch of millennium ancient forest in the original forest. The old trees had grown the moss from the bottom to the branch, very historical and old. There're more than 10,000 mu of alpine meadows on the high mountain with the altitude of above 1000 meters above sea level. Huge numbers of horse and bison were prowling about over there leisurely, with the good reputation of being the south grassland.

The fog was so thick and the rainfall was so much on Mount Darong. There're waves of clouds and the sea of the mist there, very magnificent and splendid. There's rime and ice in Mount Darong in every winter. The whole mountain clad in white could present a typical north China scene.

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