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Mount Dayi Scenic Spot in Jiangsu

 2014-09-17    Young    Sights    Jiangsu    1474  

Dayi Mountain is the seat of Dayi nationality as one of the nine degrees of kindred of ancient Dong Yi nationalities. Mount Dayi as the National Grade AAAA tourism scenic spot is also long known as the first fairy mountain in Huaibei Plain. Dayi Mountain belongs to the branch of Mount Tai, which had its beginnings in the Archeozoic eras with a long history of 2 billion years. Dayi Mountain with a long history and magnificent culture is also blessed with majestic natural scenery and abundant human landscape that make the four features of being secluded, ancient, magic and grotesque.

The Qingfeng Peak at the foot of the eastern foothills of Dayi Mountain had the extraordinary cliff-face sarcophagus funerary monuments with the long history of 7,000 years. It's widely acknowledged as the longest history, the largest scale and best preserved of historical sites of ancient people that had been found so far in our country. It had been designated as the first key national cultural preservation centers under state protection by the State Department.

Rock painting in Dayi Mountain had recorded the cultures in different time and passed the historical deposition for thousands of years, which was another shining point of the cultural sites in Dayi Mountain. The rock paintings of seagoing vessel are located on the high ridge that is in the fringe area of the main peak and the secondary peak. The harmonious entity of the deer rock paintings presents a scene full of poetic and artistic imagination.

Wolonggang rock paintings are situated at half way up the mountain where is surrounded by the high mountains and green bamboo grove, thickly grown with towering ancient trees and the murmuring of the running water. There's one bluestone placed in a horizontal position. The story is going about that Liu Bei once passed here in those days.

The large and flat stone slab is also found the round cells in many shapes and sizes, creating the different patterns, these patterns are called the mysterious hieroglyphic without words, which could bring more suspense, more humors and more longings to the Dayi Mountain scenery area. The mountain forest of delicate beauty with the cloud-shrouded peaks and secluded and torrent-filled gullies is thick with thousands of flowering tree and shrub and hundreds of rare and precious tree species.

The deep channel through the hidden valley is the ineffable beauty of the scenery. Blessed with the clearness of the atmosphere, quiet and tasteful surroundings, the luxuriant vegetation, grotesque rocks and magic cliffs, Dayi Mountain had many famous historical spots scattered all along the scenery zone like stars in the sky.

The whole mountain range is closely linked to the county town. Through bitter blasts and flood erode for thousands of years, its wonderful and rare natural landscape is scattered about in every direction. Around the Dayi Mountain is a beautiful array of the most picturesque and sometimes weird-looking rocks of the mountain. The picturesque rocks are too beautiful to be absorbed all at once. 

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