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Mount Tianmen National Forest Park

 2014-05-23    Young    Sights    Zhangjiajie    1911  

Located only 8 kilometers away from the southern suburb of the Zhangjiajie City, Mount Tianmen National Forest Park reach the first class standard by national scenery of forest park resource qualities and has reached national AAAAA grade of tourist zone standards. As one famous mountain natural attraction, it occupies an area of 96 square kilometers, among which the area of the mountaintop accounting for 2 square kilometer. Its main peak that rises to a height of over 1518.6 meters above sea level is a typical karst landscape.

There're lofty cliffs and inaccessible precipices on all sides. The majesty of the lofty mountain and the magnificent prospect are indeed so impressive. In Mount Tianmen National Forest Park, the beauty and charm of the primitive mesophytic forest have remained intact not by accident but by stringently enforced city planning regulations.

There are abundance wilding plant resources like mountain davidia involucrata communities rarely seen in other parts of the world. As a place of profound cultural significance with a long-standing history, the park boasts many historical sites, ancient constructions, and unique topographical features. Its favorable natural conditions, long history and profound culture create the forest park which embodies the world outlook idea that heaven and man are a whole.

Many famous writers and painters have used the Heavenly Gate Mountain as their theme with the result that its fame has spread far and wide. Apart from enormous quantities of poems and inscriptions in its praise left behind by men of literature and writings through the centuries. It also boasts a large number of fairy tales, reputed as the "The Soul of Zhangjiajie."

The great romantic poet Li Bai has been through here once before and left his well-known poem "Wang Tianmenshan Hills". Those painters saw the gorgeous sight and immediately portrayed the grandness and significance of Heavenly Gate Mountain and mainly described the verve of the mountain.

Mount Tianmen is a lofty mountain range whose cloudy summit rushed into the very heavens throughout the year. You can have a fantastic view of the extraordinary sight of unbroken cloud plains and infinite variety when you climbed to the top of the mountain. This wooded country of strange stones and beautiful trees is the haunt of rare birds and animals.

Climbing along the path, sightseers are fortunate enough to see cascading waterfalls and running springs that would come gushing out. It's said to be "The Hanging Primitive Garden." There're mysterious Thousand Buddha Caves waiting for the visitors who generally seek the extraordinary. The Hanjiagou among the mountains is the legendary village that is particularly rich in Manchuria folkloric lifestyle that has been preserved in the same state.

Remarkable and outstanding Mount Tianmen with its majestic and precipitous appeal is known as the wondrous screen of Zhangjiajie. Its mountaintop that is relatively flat boats the most precious and unique plant species, with forest coverage reaching 90%. There is beautiful scenery with interspersed areas of sky-kissing ancient trees and tuberous-rooted twining annual vine. It's praised to be the most beautiful hanging garden and the Fairyland in heaven. 

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