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Mount Tie National Forest Park in Sichuan

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Mount Tie National Forest Park is located in the Zhou river section of the upper reaches of Qu River, which takes the shape of a narrow strip. Enjoying a mild climate and four distinctive seasons, the environment of Mount Tie National Forest Park is peaceful and elegant. The place is blessed with plentiful rain and elegant sunlight.


Mount Tie National Forest Park had been the summer resort for the Dazhou city owning to its fairly good ecological environment, fresh air, cool climate and convenient transportation condition. Within the scenic beauty of beautiful scenery and lush vegetation, there's a wide range of species of plants and animals. These pines and cypresses, camphor tree and camellia blossoms are all in blossom.


There's the soughing of the wind in the pines in the cloud-shrouded peaks. The high quality mineral water, winter sweet, azaleas, pangolin and golden pheasant with red belly in Mount Tie are all famous. With the singing of birds among flowers, Mount Tie National Forest Park had become the good summer tourist resort in northeast Sichuan.


Mount Tie Park is the place that concentrated the most natural sights and cultural sites. The places of historic interest are well integrated with the landscape/The buildings and the landscape are well integrated, which could add endless charm to Mount Tie park. Standing on the mountain peaks of Mount Tie, you could look upon the beauty of the sunrise, especially Tiejian peak is the best viewing spot.


Tiejian peak is located in the eastern mountain, with an observation tower on the mountain top. You could climb up to the tower and look eastward in the morning of sunny day to catch sight of the gorgeous scenery. Taihao Mountain is the highest peak of Da county, which is affording a good view and is suitable for viewing the sunset glow.


Whenever the red sun is sinking in the west, you could climb to the mountain top and look about with great interest and view the golden sunsets that could add rosy red color to the towering mountains, the farmland and mountain cottage in the Dazhou city. Round the descending sun the clouds glowed purple; summer tints suffused the horizon, brilliant and opulent.


Xuanliang lawn that is at the southern foot of Taihao peak is the gentle and broad lawn. Under moon night, moon bright and stars dim. Brilliant moon light shine on the ground, turn darkness into the brightness. The milky way and the full moon threw its sparkles on the surface of the water. The cool wind and the white dew are not yet ceased. The reflections of trees had the tattoos on the ground.


The music of the nightingale sounds very sweet, which reverberated in the vast expanse of open ground, dreamy and spiritual. The fine deportment of green field and the emotional recalling anciently arouse the people's living interest. Xiantai peak rises over 1000 meters above sea level. At the time of the bitter winter, it could be the best place for admiring and playing the snow in Dazhou.      

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