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Mount Yuquan Scenic Spot in Sichuan

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Mount Yuquan Scenic Spot is located in the Lishu village in the northeastern part of Wanyuan city. Situated in Lishu village about 15 km away from the city, the resort has lots of fantastic mountains with the prodigious view, murmuring streams and outstanding scenic spots of quiet beauty, with pure and the air refreshing in this beautiful world.


Mount Yuquan Scenic spot belongs to the buffer of Mount Hua'e national level nature reserve. The main scenic sites within the tourist spot are including Mount Xiangbi, Qian'Ren cave, Laoyu Spring, Green Dragon karst cave, White Dragon cave, the battle relics of Mount Hua'e and many more. Mount Yuquan is one of the famous tourist attractions that the Tourist Bureau of Wanyuan is opening up to the outside world.


Within the scenic beauty of green mountains, fresh and green scenery, clear mountains and streams and torrent-filled gullies, the beauty spot had gathered together the gorge, picturesque cragged peaks, the cascading waterfalls, karst cave and Shenlong temple merging into one organic whole.


Here the simple and honorable folk customs like enjoying the mountainous flowers in the spring, seeking a shelter against the midsummer heat, watching the red leaves in the golden autumn, viewing the fine snow scene in the cold winter are all the fashion. The places from the mouth of the river to Yu spring, from south to north and from the west to the east is reputed as ten-mile gallery, which is noted throughout the mountain, and attract tourists from all parties by its reputation as a scenic spot.  


Yu spring is the main source of Zhou River, and the spring is issuing forth from the seven places of the mountain, which is also called as Yu spring of seven mouths. The spring is cool in summer and warm in winter. The spring with clear fragrance, taste of sweet and mellow, by drinking it, you may have the top-quality water.


There's the large quantity of Yang fishes gushing from Yuquan cave, playing all manner of extraordinary gambols, which is so silvery and bright. Those who are fated to come across would will involuntary marvel at the wonderful scene. This, after all, is a wonder of the world. There naturally grows one kind of rare food in the spring, and people called it as watery ear.


Those who had eaten the food would praise with delighted alacrity, which is one treasured dish in Mount Yuquan. The fairy rock is located in the Shiren dam. According to local tradition, seven fairies once descended to mankind, who had grown very attached to the place with its stunning scenery, and found it hard to tear themselves away from the place.


Yet the Jade Emperor knew the facts and had banished them to the mankind. Among four of them were praying for repenting, and were able to rejoin the heavens. And the last three went astray not knowing how to go back, and finally they were turned into rocks to propagate on earth.  

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