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Mount Ziyun Nature Reserve in Hunan

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Ziyun Mountain Nature Reserve is sitting on the boundary of Xinning County and Dong'an, which is the primitive secondary forest zone with an area of sixty thousand hectares stretching away for hundreds of miles. What is involved here is the most favourable and precious pool of animals and plants and the most powerful forest kingdom in the South. The nature preservation zone is not only blessed with the typical subtropical climate, but also a localized microclimate.

When the nature reserve is suddenly attacked by the fourth glacial stage, the place ringed with mountains thus avoided the intrusive of glaciers owning to its corridor geography. After that it became the ideal, safe and comfortable haven for all animals and plants, which reserves the most original tropical, semitropical, and temperate natural forest. The panorama of undulating mountains that spread in great waves before us caught and held me. Various kinds of abundant forests laughed with verdure.

In Mount Ziyun Nature Reserve there are great varieties of biological species, including many unique and rare animals, ancient trees and well-known flowers, with in addition a conglomeration of other attractive sights. Depending on preliminary investigations by concerned parties, there're 105 families of the woody vegetation with over 940 species.

At the top of the Mount Ziyun there's one king of Ginkgo at 35 meters, reputedly more than 1,000 years old, the tree is said to be the tree of longevity. Every April what is known as Lianxiang Tree is a rare variety of flowers peculiar to southern China, a perennial bush plant that blossoms forth before sprouting leaves, purple or vivid red. They displayed the bright light of seven rays in the warm spring sunshine, full of changes in the twinkling of an eye.

The exotic flowers and rare plants spread throughout the entire slopes and valleys. The mountains seem to thrust straight out of the open plain, some in clusters, while Mount Ziyun in solitary loftiness, as of the bush hammers. The Pear Garden, Hawthorn Garden, Platycladus orientalis and Japanese pagoda tree are seen everywhere from its foot to its top.

Whenever in early spring, the blossoms of the hawthorn blossomed all over the mountains and plains, the scholar tree flowers in the bright sunlight as of being covered by snow. These flowers and the purple cloud at the top of the hill set each other off beautifully. The picturesque landscape is called the sunshine snow in the purple cloud. At the top of the hill was one Ziyun Temple, the Qinglong spring at the foot of the hill and other famous historical spots.

With superior natural conditions, long history and deep cultural foundation, Mount Ziyun has attracted a lot of scholars and men of letters to enjoy the prospect and see the sights. These Men of literature and writings had written a lot of poems and articles to describe the beauty of natural scenery. A growing number of visitors prefer to visit the charming and quiet Ziyun Mountain Nature Reserve far away from the city. 

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