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Mouthwatering Snacks in Chengdu Part-2

 2016-08-29    Alice Young    Food    Chengdu    4417  

Ten kinds of famed local Chengdu snacks were introduced in last blog(Part-1), which are mainly in strong and spicy flavor. If you like something delicate, multitudinous Chengdu snacks also won’t let you down. Now follow me to explore another side of Chengdu snacks!

Laoma Pigs Trotter: The prime ingredients of Laoma Pig’s Trotter are, of course, pig’s trotters. Simmer it gently with kidney beans and other seasonings. The trotters taste tender and juccy, and are beneficial for skin-care. While the soup is nutritious, sending out rich fragrance. You can’t stop finishing it.


Steamed Pork with Glutinous Rice Flour: It is primarily made by pork and glutinous rice flour and seasonings, tasting stink and fluffy, with abundant flavor.

Steamed-Pork-with-Glutinous-Rice Flour.png

Guokui: Guokui is a kind of pastry with crispy outside and tender meats inside. There are various kinds of Guokui, like chicken Guokui, beef Guokui, pork Guokui, and vegetarian Guokui, etc.


Beichuan Bean Jelly: Beichuan Bean Jelly was created in the end of Qing Dynasty, featuring tender taste and rich flavor.


Lai Rice Balls: Lai Rice Balls is a time-honored brand over one hundred years. The Rice Balls they made taste luscious, soft and glutinous, with rich nutrition.


Three-artillery: Three-artillery is stinky rice balls. It is named for that rice balls are tossed up and making a sound of “Dang Dang”, like the sound of artillery. It tastes tender and glutinous while being inexpensive.


Tofu Pudding: Tofu Pudding is of long history. Sour and spicy Tofu Pudding is one of it various varieties. Make a marinade with soy sauce, vinegar, chili powder and MSG, then scoop it out into Tofu Pudding, sprinkling minced bean sprouts, stir-fried soya bean and minced scallion.


Three-material Mud: Three-material Mud is named because its main ingredients are powder of rice, glutinous rice and soya bean. Stir-fry them with seasonings, tasting delicate sweet and flossy with rich nutrition.


Egg Pancake: Egg Pancake dates back to Qing Dynasty, Stir egg, fermented dough even with slight brown sugar, then fry it in a pan. It taste good.


Yeer Ba: Yeer Ba is made by glutinous powder filled with meat mince or sweet fillings, wrapped in fresh lotus leaves. Steam it with high heat. Features: delicate sweet, moderate salty, refreshing and fragrant.


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