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Moxing Mountain Scenic Spot in Zhejiang

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Moxing Mountain Scenery Spot is located in southeastern Daishan Island, occupying a land area of about more than 6 square kilometers. It's surrounded by the mountains on three sides, and by the sea on the other side. There are the undulations of green forest on the mountain heights, the culminating point with the altitude of 257.1 meters above sea level. Stand at its culminating point, you get a marvelous view over the sunrise and the boundless sea. Moxing Mountain is one high place affording a good view.

The natural scenery of Moxing Mountain belongs to the type of mountainous and sea scenery. Owning to its unique geographic situation, it had formed the space gradient distribution with three levels including mountain, land and sea. And three space scenic views could also act in cooperation with each other across a great distance. The beauty of artistic conception is widely acclaimed as the peak of perfection.

Standing at the top of the mountain, we looked afar to the small islands in the sea that are scattered like stars in the sky, surrounded by the large island. If it happens to be the changes of weather and clouds wafting in the air, the island is partly hidden and partly visible in mist and cloud, with its infinite varieties and beauties. I'd say that this is the place most worth seeing.

Moxing Mountain with a rarely beautiful mountain scene is blessed with lush green trees all the year round, quiet and tasteful surroundings and a temperate climate. Temple of the Blessed was framed by a background of the distant green leaves in the south of Moxing Mountain. Penglai Tea Cottage with the cascading waving castles and waterside pavilions is situated at the southern slopes of Moxing Mountain.

If it comes to the cloud and mist, interlock along with the season and the change of cloudy eye, the summit is unpredictable, from time to time the cloud and mist hovering round their summits. The area is already considered as magnificent as a fabled abode of immortals. Near the gate of the Temple of the Blessed is one cave where is very cool and cold inside the cave.

At the bottom of the cave is one pond. Small droplets oozing through the rock crack at the top of the cave had fallen into the pond while from time to time bursting with such a clear and sharp sound. On the passageway of the cave stands one Guanyin Bodhisattva with tender willow branch, and the spring trickling from the holy vase is mellow and sweet.

As soon as we entered the cave, the fragrance would bring joy to one's soul and refreshes the mind. Its unusual rhythm will soothe the ear, while the water giving strength to our heart. The scenery is so different and so natural as will prove more amusing and worthwhile sightseeing. Far down the road at the north of Moxing Mountain the cassia trees is reputedly more than 300 years old, with much elegance and gentility and exuberance of foliage.

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