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Mulan Great Lake of Wuhan

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Mulan Great Lake is a natural scenic spot located in the north of the Huangpi district of Wuhan and belongs to the Dabie mountain vein. Of its natural landscape, the most famous are the "Eight Tams", "Three Ponds", “the Great Falls”, and “the Woo Stream” in the canyon of Mulan Great Lake. The forest landscape of the canyon is more than 10 kilometers long and the scenic area covers an area of 13 square kilometers, mainly consisting of three major theme gardens namely the romantic landscape garden, the waterfall scenic spot and the stream pool. In Mulan Great Lake scenic spot which is known as "the Jiuzhaigou Vally of Hubei "and "Mount Lu of Wuhan", visitors can not only enjoy the original flavor, but also can learn of the profounded Mulan culture.

It was the first year of my college life when I went there with some of my new classmates on a bright and clear day in autumn. Once we met the great beauty, we couldn’t help enjoying taking photos of all the beautiful things there, such as some beautiful flowers, old trees, the sparkling dewdrops on the blades and so on. There were so many people of different ages doing the same as us. Little babies and the olds can make it difficult for the whole family to move forward when all families took part in the trip. During this long trip, we caught up with so many people one after another as we were students full of energy. At that time, we suddenly realized that how important it is to do more exercises and deeply recognized that life lies in movements. We gave big smiles to everyone we met, and so did they, which made all of us pretty happy along the trip and feel comfortable.

We also had some difficulties, though, because this is the first trip for most of us who had no experience in outdoors sightseeing before. As we didn't reckon for the journey could be so long and arduous, we only took little water and a few foods in our backpacks. Now you can imagine that how embarrassed we were with those few things which can only be supplied for an approximately two hours’ journey. So wherever you want to go for sightseeing, you’d better go there with more friends and take more water and foods, no matter how heavy they are. After all, only the one who has experienced the storm and rain can see the beautiful rainbow afterwards. When you reach the top of the mountain, you will surely be attracted by the broad view and exciting entertainments, such as the Great Lake, the lawn-sliding, the cable car and so on.

At the Great Lake, you should muster to climb over the last few steps. We have arrived at the commanding heights of the scenic area "the Great Lake" with the water area of 360 mu, which is 506 meters above the sea level. I know you must have the picturesque wonderful Great Lake in mind now which is surrounded by the quiet mountains and green forest now, but there are still so many other wonderful things that I can’t tell you here in details. In a word, there is no end of seeing the beauty. To see is to believe. So why not go there and enjoy it in person?

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