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My Tour to Huangshan

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Huangshan is famous for its wondrous pines, fantastic rock peaks, sea of clouds, and hot springs. Nowadays, snow in winter is becoming the fifth wonderful view of Huangshan Mountain. However, it needs great courage to climb Huangshan Mountain in winter. It is really cold.

In my view, we can visit Huangshan whenever we like for the Huangshan Mountain would provide you with different scenery in different seasons. Whenever you go to Huangshan Mountain, the beautiful view wouldn’t make you feel any regret to visit it.

Huangshan Mountain Scenic is divided into 6 zones based on Heavenly Capital Peak, Lotus Flower Peak, and
 the visit to Huangshan Mountain, we can divide it into 2 part—Front and Back.

Last November, I went to Huangshan Mountain with my friends, and saw the amazing scenery of Huangshan Mountain. We took the K45 overnight train from Beijng to Huangshan town(about 20 hours). Then  we transfered to Huangshan Scenic Area by bus. It took us about 40mins. The bus arrived at the Back Mountain part. After buying the ticket, I began my Huangshan Mountain trip.

Note: High season from Mar to Nov, entrance ticket is RMB230, cable car RMB80/Way.

     Low season from Dec to Feb, entrance ticket is RMB150; cable car is RMB65/Way.

I entered from Back Mountain. After visiting the Baizhangquan Fall, I took the cable car from Yungu Temple to White Goose Peak. After taking the cable car, only climbing 400 step, I was tired. So had to only choose the famous spots and those which were near the hotel. I visited the Black Tiger Pine, Dawn pavilion, Monkey Watching Cloud Sea and Lion Peak.

I booked the Paiyunlou Hotel—local 4 star. This hotel is near the sunrise spot with a reasonable price compared with others. Of course the food on the Huangshan Moutain Scenic was soso…(You know what I mean.)

Note: The accommodation situation is not as good as that under the mountain. There are only 6 hotels on hill. Hotels are moist even in the 5 star hotel. Many tourists bring tents and sleep in tents whereve they are.

Special recommend for best sunrise spot: Qingliang platform, Shizi Peak, Shixin Peak, Danxia Peak, Bright Summit, The Fish Peak and Jade Screen Pavilion.

I woke up at 4am in the early mornito watch the sunrise.Actually it was only about 15mins from hotel to Shizi Peak. Lucky, I saw the beautiful sunrise, which made me felt this trip was so worthy.

After viewing the sunrise, I went back to the hotel and and took a nap after the breakfast. I knew it would be a big challenge to get off the Huangshan Moutain. We set out at 9am. It took us nearly 4 hours to arrive the cable car on the Jade Screen Pavilion at Front Mount. On the way to the Jade Screen Pavilion, the beautiful scenery took some tired from me. I saw the sea of clouds many times. The rest of my trip was on the cable car and the green bus.It is amazing if you have chance to take a bath in hot spring.

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