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Mysterious Beauty of Qiugou Scenic Spot

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Located within the territory of Nanzhai Town in Huixian City, Qiugou scenic spot is about 50 kilometers away from the city proper, with the total area of 24 square kilometers. Within the scenic beauty of lofty mountains and dense forest, deep valley and hanging wall, numerous pools and waterfalls, grotesque rocks and secluded caves, ancient temple legends, miraculous and natural stone vat, the most spectacular scene inside is its delightful and different scenery in all four seasons.

With the approach of spring, the bright-colored peach tree is in full blossom. During the hot summer days, cryoconite holes are wrapped in profound mystery. In the golden autumn, the maple trees would turn fiery-red, splashing color through the dense forest hills with various wild fruits. In bitter winter weather, the trunks of snow-capped cedar projected from the snow that covered all the ground.

Qiugou scenic spot is so beautiful as to be praised as a fairyland on earth and a haven of peace and happiness. It's an all-the-year-round tourist resort that merges leisure vacation, sightseeing, summer resort and sketching paintings into one whole. Qiugou scenic spot boasts a lot of tourist attractions and holiday resorts with beautiful landscape.

In the scenic spot, there're red crags and perpendicular cliffs with the horizontal and vertical crack. The mountainous scene is a beautiful array of the most picturesque and weird-looking rocks of the mountain, which still remains the original and natural features. Scores of wild animals and fowls including Panthera pardus, wild pig, wild rabbit, pheasant and eagle had the perennial activities.

The beautiful scenery and rich wildlife resources wins it a name of a natural zoological garden. The wide variety of plants and flowers is over 100 species. Chinese traditional and herbal drugs are almost 1,000 species. Thus the scenic spot also has the reputation of the vegetable kingdom.

Abundant plant resources and rich wildlife could form an interactive biological circle, which brings reputation to this land as the plant kingdom and the animal world land. Particularly the area is blessed with the hickory trees that had the abundance and the largest area. It should be the biggest of its kind in the Taihang Mountains.

Thus it's extremely delightful to feast your eyes on the blossoming peach trees in the springtime and enjoy an unobstructed view of the red autumn leaves in the golden autumn. Particularly the newly discovered palaeo-oceanographical ancient plants and animals fossils in greater number are wrapped in profound mystery. The mystery for myriad years is still unknown to history, which has become another bright point of the scenic spot.

Its rich cultural sights with the ancient temple and enchanted legend makes it become the scenic area that is the perfect combination of the cultural sight and natural landscape adding to each other's splendor, as well as honest folkway and tradition and the customs of the Taihang Mountains. It's the ideal destination that leaves the life-loving people a feeling to nature and commands admiration of natural mountains landscape. It's really worth visiting the scenic spot with magnificent surroundings, fresh and sweet air. 

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