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Mystical Maya Snow Mountain in Gansu

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Maya Snow Mountain is situated in the western part of Tianzhu County in Weiwu City in Gansu Province. Its annual temperate averages about 6.5 degrees below zero centigrade. As the northwest-to-southeast mountain ranges, Maya Snow Mountain extends about 45 kilometers from west to east, about 10 kilometers north to south. The locals call the mountain as Baigada Mountain.

Strictly speaking, it's not actually one real snow mountain. At this kind of latitude, the lofty mountain with the altitude of hardly 4,500 meters above sea level was very hard to melt the snow throughout the year. People call it as the snow mountain. It might be because its rocky surface color is mostly white and looks like the snow at a distance, and thus it's called the snow-capped mountain.

Maya Snow Mountain got its name because it was shaped like the gingival cyst of mucous gland in the newborn and the everlasting snows. Miraculous Maya Snow Mountain is regarded as a holy mountain by the Tibetan people. The hill in their infinite variety of forms and different weathers could impress one with their beauty with a spell of infinite variety.

The sword peak standing like a sky-kissing pillar sometimes thrusts itself towards the sky, which is an awe-inspiring sight. They sometimes like the white crystal pagodas, flaming various colors of light and sunlight that seemed just trying to outshine each other. They sometimes like one beautiful woman wearing flimsy voile. They're charming with many countenances-pretty and graceful and look really utterly fascinating.

There're the snows on the mountain in season and out of season. The winter is so cold, while it has the capricious climate during the summer months. When the sky rumbled with thunder, there's the heavy snow like the goose feather pouring down through the sky in the twinkling of an eye, which is very exciting. At the foot of Maya Snow Mountain is the green pasture that stretches for over 10 kilometers.

There're two lakes of Heaven lying among the mountain peaks of Maya Snow Mountain. The top lake of Heaven rises 4,000 meters above sea level. The steep and precipitous cliff could stand in the surrounding mountains. The lake covers an area of about 0.5 square kilometers, shaped like the crescent moon. The water of the lake is very crystalline clear and deep blue, which is as usual all year around.

There's one peak shaped like Goddess Kuanyin on the Maya Snow Mountain. A forest of rocks stands at the foot of the peak. Every July and August, there's one unique natural phenomenon on Maya Snow Mountain. If you make a loud noise and give a loud roar on the top of the mountain, it would have the rumble of thunder at once, with the thick cloud and mist, in no minute did the heavy rain rush down from the sky.

Soon the mist vanished away when the sun came out. The snowcapped peaks could restore its appearance against the jade-green grassland. The mountain had revealed the beauties of mystery that is incomparable in China. 

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