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Namtso Heavenly Lake

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Namsto Lake, located in the mountainous area about 60 kilometers to the northwest of DamXung county of Lhasa, known as the “Heavenly Lake" in the Tibetan language. She is one of the three saint lakes in Tibet Autonomous Region, and the second largest salt lake in China. It is famous for its crystal clean and the touching, beautiful view. It is an amazing place should not be missed by anyone who wants to visit Tibet.


Namtso covered with a veiling of mystery and holy. Many Buddhism adherents will come here to the lakeside on pilgrimage to show their homage and pray for good fortune. Especially in every Tibetan year of sheep, thousands of Buddhism pilgrims will come here to worship. In Tibetan culture, Tibetans think the mountains and lakes are very sacred. Pilgrims will circle the lake in the Tibetan year of sheep while circle the mountain in the year horse as an important traditional rule. Most of Tibetans are devout Pilgrims. They will walk clockwise along the Namtso Lake -the holiest lake in order to receive the blessing of the Buddha.

Namtso is also famous for its high altitude at about 4718 meters above sea level. The shape of the lake is like an approximate rectangular, Which occupied more than 70 kilometers long, and more than 30 kilometers wide, covers an area of 1920 square kilometers. The depth of the lake is 33 meters. It is the highest large lakes of the world.


Anyone who has been to Namtso will be attracted deeply as if the pure water of the lake can washed their soul and make them more peaceful. Standing on the edge of Namtso just like comes into a blue planet. The sky is charming blue while the water is crystal-clear blue. The color can dips into your heart. You certainly never forget how beautiful a lake can be! Around the lake is one of the most beautiful mountains - Nyainqentanglha Mountain Range. The shape of the mountain is huge and spectacular with covering by the white snow, making the lake more attracting.

There are many beautiful natural wildlife animals, such as birds, fishes, and sheep. The birds are flying freely in the sky with their wings, sometimes touching the surface of the lake. And from the clearly water lots of fished can be seen. Vast grassland spreads around the lake together with snow mountain, pure sky and the pray flags, make Namtso looks like a charming fairy land.

It is a little cold in Namsto because of its high altitude. So the best time to visit Namsto is in May or June.

As more and more tourist want to visit this pure mysterious lake. But one thing is never forgotten. Namsto is also located in Qinghai-Tibet plateau. It needs to have a proper way to avoid from the altitude disease. To prevent from the altitude sickness, visitors should have a proper rest and avoid strenuous activities before they go to plateau.

Meanwhile, please make sure bring enough clothes to prevent from catching a cold and therefore altitude sickness is not that scary.Namsto is an amazing lake of the world, once you have chance to visit Namsto, you’ll truly fall in love with the heavenly lake!

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