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Namtso Lake of the Beautiful Holy Land

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Located in central Tibet, Namtso Lake at an elevation of over 4,718 meters above sea level is the second largest saltwater lake in our country. It's an irregularly shaped lake surrounded by mountains, measuring over 30 kilometers from north to south and over 70 kilometers from east to west.

Namtso Lake, one commanding the highest altitude in the world, is also known as the large lake with a gross storage capacity of 7.68 billion cubic meters. The name of Namtso Lake implies Heavenly Lake, or Gods' Lake or Lake of Immortals. The lake is fed by the melting ice and snow from Danggula Mountains and afflux of a number of streams along it, contributing to the lake water supply.

Situated between Dangxiong County of Lhasa and Bange County of Naqu Region in the Tibet Autonomous Region, the formation and development of Namtso Lake are under control of the geologic formation. To the south of the Namtso Lake is the mighty Nien-ch'ing-t'ang-ku-la Mountains with the everlasting snows; to the north and west of the Namtso Lake is plateau, hilly and broad lakeside.

The lake is hemmed in on all sides by broad prairies that could stretch out as far as the eye can see. The lake with the finest meadows is generally rich in natural fishpond and offers moisture and water for the highland pasture around it and a habitat for rare water birds like swans, egrets and sand birds. Many plants would grow naturally in very salty soil of the lake. There're abundant wild animal resources within the boundary of the Namtso Lake drainage area.

The crystal depth of the lake is smooth as a mirror, standing out against every contour of the surrounding hills. All these sceneries are very gorgeous, and featured by various qualities. To the southeast of the Namtso Lake is the main peak of Danggula Mountains with the everlasting snows that rises into the meridian sky directly, and an unending stretch of highlands and hills stands on the north side of the lake.

Tibet is indeed rich in tourism resources, including the world-class Mount Qomolangma, Yarlung Zangbo Canyon and Namtso Lake attractions that numerous people yearn to visit. Namtso Lake is one large precious mirror besetting on northern Tibet grassland. The sky above the Namtso Lake is always filled with the infinite enticement, deep blue similar to the transparent backdrop, as of the crystal pure ice. With the crystal clear and blue sky over the lake, white snow, the rolling sweep of all green grass, wild flowers splashed with color and herdsman's ox-hair tents form the most enchanting natural landscape.

With abundant and good pasture, the lake provides the rare water birds with an excellent herding ground with hay. Every early summer, huge numbers of wild ducks had flocked together and clustered on the lake to propagate themselves. By now nearly everyone has seen or visited the lake would be purified his spirit by the crystal clear lake. Standing by the lake, anyone would be particularly awed by the highest and the beautiful holy lake in the world. 

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