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National Wetlands Museum of China

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On this planet, there are three important ecosystems which are forests, oceans and wetlands. And among which, forests are the lung of the earth, wetlands are the kidney of the earth and oceans are the heart of the earth.

Wetlands is also considered the most biologically diverse of all ecosystems, serving as home to a wide range of plant and animal life. It only covers 6% surface of the earth but it provides living environment for 20% species.

National Wetlands Museum of China is located in the west side of Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province, about 5 kilometers to the city center. It is the first national wetlands museum in China, also the rare secondary wetlands inside the city. Driving besides the Xixi wetland, you would be attracted by a round and crystal-clear building. That is what you are looking for-the National Wetlands Museum of China, where you can embrace the beauty of mother nature and learn more interesting stuff about wetlands.

The museum is divided into four parts which are Prologue Hall, China Hall, Xixi Hall and Wetlands with Humans Hall. If you were not knowing some basic knowledge of wetlands, no worries. On the left side from the Prologue Hall, there is a experiencing theater where keeps playing 9 minute long documentary of wetlands. It is a transparent glass house with awesome visual and sound effect.

Stepping inside, the first thing come to your sight is the six most typical wetlands in the world, like the largest peatlands on earth-Western Siberia Peatlands, Kingdom of life- the Amazon wetlands in South America, the second largest freshwater lake-Victoria Lake in Africa and aquatic kingdom-the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It is amazing to see all those great wonders under one roof.

The Indonesian mangrove forest left a deep impression on me. According to the museum guide, the mangrove forests can purify the sea water and the air, as well as fight against the waves. Back to the Indian Ocean Tsunami struck in 2004, more than 6000 lives of the local residents were saved before of there was a vast area of mangrove forests.

In Xixi Hall, visitors can get the chance to experience some earth moving, back to the time when the Xixi Wetland first developed. When you watch a film of how it formed in its early stage, as the image shake, you would feel the ground under your feet shaking too. Just for a moment and it feels very real. If you are interested into some traditional Chinese dishes, they have them for you. With a few click on the glass wall, the whole dish-making process would be presenting right in front of you.

There is a sigh-seeing tower in China Hall, where you can watch the most beautiful scenery. Especially there is a small island with sparkling water under the sun, everyone is amazed . The high-tech equipment really helps enhance tourists’ experience a lot, and make science and nature a lot funnier than what we have learned in class.

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