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Natural Beauty of Luoxingzhou Island

 2014-08-27    Young    Sights    Suzhou    1899  

The beautiful Luoxingzhou Island is such one beautiful island at the entrance of Tongli Lake in the east of Tongli Township in Wujiang city of Suzhou City in Jiangsu Province, emerging on the surface of the lake with an area of about 4 square kilometers. Luoxingzhou Island is well known for its misty rain landscape and it has got its present name of Luoxingzhou Island because of the surrounding reeds shaped like Luoxing.

As one walks up the flagged path after entering the temple gate, one could see the yard and Guandi Temple with the silence and the solemnity in front of you. Behind the main hall is the extensive yard where you could go through and reach the main part of Luoxingzhou Island-Mercy Buddha Hall. The main hall is a double-tiered structure with the magnificent shape, imposing scale and unique style.

The bottom layer of Mercy Buddha Hall is surrounded by the veranda of the great width. Behind the main hall is the small pavilion. There's one flower garden in the south of the spacious temple buildings, the curved bank formed the waters of the pond surrounded by the "Lakeside Retreat" building, land boat, zigzag bridge and many other buildings. The curved veranda could divide the temple halls and flower garden into two parts organically from west to east, which had become scenes for the flower garden.

The embankment around the island is blessed with the tall reeds responding to the gentle breeze. The branches of the drooping willows were swaying lightly on the novelty winding corridors. Visitors could wander around the corridors, looking, absorbing the beauty and the meaning, drinking in the beauty of the landscape of lakes and waters. The slim and graceful lotuses in the pool in autumn welcome visitors on back-to-nature holidays in summer of every year.

The greatest charm of Luoxingzhou Island is to listen to the steady drip of the rain. Listening to rain in Luoxingzhou Island is the most desirable enjoyment to the men of letters and refined scholar in ancient times. The steady pattering of the rain is sometimes cold and vague, then mellow and exquisite, then pathetic and touching, and then tiny and high-pitched.

And the pattering of raindrops on plantain leaves is just like one distinctive, soft and mellifluous waltz when the sprinkle tapped on the surface of the water. The heavy rain slapped fiercely the surface of the water and the reeds and trees could be one piece of tragic and vigorous symphony. Listening to rain in Luoxingzhou Island will doubtless afford you the greatest pleasure.

Luoxingzhou Island is one holy place where three religions amalgamated into one. A long corridor enables visitors to enjoy the river-side scenery of Tongli Lake with a vast expanse of misty waters. In my viewing the lake from that position where I stood, I perceived the Luoxingzhou temple that is famous for the misty rain landscape with a beautiful scene of fairyland. The picturesque scene has induced a particular frame of mind in the visitors. 

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