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Natural Beauty of Xisha Wetland Park

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Xisha Wetland Park came into existence on 19th September 2005. It's situated in the southwestern Chongming Island, outside the river embankment of the Taoyuan water country and Bright Pearl Lake. In total, Xisha Wetland Park accounts for an area of 4,500 acres. It's the key component in the Chongming Island National Geopark, the seat of monument of Chongming Island National Geopark, and is also currently the only natural wetland that is blessed with natural tidal phenomenon and acres of shallow offshore waters and forests.

The key geological traces and tourist sights of Xisha Wetland Park are "the geomorphology and geoheritage landscape of delta mudflat", "geoheritage landscape of wetland landscape", wetland vegetation, various birds, and animals of wetland. The park mainly retains two categories and seventeen typical geological relics. The park perfectly showcases the geological landscapes of the largest delta island worldwide and ecological civilizations of the harmony between human and nature. 

Since last September, Xisha Wetland Park started to ecologically import birds, lay the emphasis on the configuration of biodiversity, purify water treatments and establish big artificial green land for different species. The aim of these measures is to reinstate and construct the multi-functional wetland ecological demonstration zone that assembles science education, scientific studies, sightseeing and touring into one whole.

The crew told the newspaper that Xisha Wetland is sharply different from Dongtan Wetland. The continuous tide phenomenon is the natural foundation of the existence of Xisha Wetland, also the important condition of the production of Xisha Wetland. A cycle of tide needs an average of 12 hours and 24 minutes at a time. There developed rich natural topography and general configuration because of the tides. 

There're different forms of wetland including blue-water lake, intertidal mudflat, inland river, tall reeds and shallow swamp. It is also often the case that the rhythm of tides is pregnant with different kinds of animals in the wetland, such as the migrant birds and the emerita analoga brought by the changing tides.
Beyond this, the management of the wetland had built a wooden bridge with 2 kilometers long for the purpose of making tourists get far closer to the world of nature than most of others ever do. As a result, visitors would stroll off among the waving of the reeds and sheltered wood.

The staff of the Xisha Wetland also said to the effect that of the many places, both in Dongtan Wetland and in Xisha Wetland, where they had watched the sunrise the one that offered the best view was Dongtan Wetland, while the Xisha Wetland is the best position to watch the sunset. 

The complex geography and landform, unique geographical conditions also give Xisha Wetland an abundance of wildlife. Xisha natural mudflat wetlands with rich plant resources could attract the highest number of birds, which make the place become the important natural habitat for many migratory birds during cold winter months. Here the visitor could not only enjoy the beauties of the world of nature, but also gain knowledge and enrich experience.

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