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Natural Cornucopia- Dangnai Ecologic Village

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Dangnai Ecological Village is located in the hinderland of Zhalong Natural Reserve of Daqing city, Heilongjiang Province, covering an area of 3.8 million acres. Even today, it’s still keeping an unspoilt look and is filled with lakes with different sizes and rich biodiversity like red-crowned cranes(one of the world's most endangered species), wild geese, wild ducks and other over 200s precious bird species. It is a natural cornucopia. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourist come here to visit its pristine amazing scenery.

Dangnai was originally coming from Mongolian language, translated into Chinese as “The fairy Temple.” Dating back in ancient times, Mongolian normad tribes was living in here for a period of time. They were shocked to see how great were the weather and climate, with abundant green grasses and blue sky, lakes filled with numerous fresh fish and joyful sounds made from colorful birds, the head of the tribe considered this was a holy land, so he and his tribe stopped living normatic life and settled down from here. Normads took red-crowned cranes as incarnation of the fairy, they even built a temple to worship her. Unfortunately, the temple was ruined about decades ago.

You can’t enjoy beautiful water view without bamboo rafting. One raft can hold up to 6 people. I felt like I was in a giant water cradle and singing of birds were my lullaby. With such breath-taking scenery and happy sound, I would like to do a little medication or take a short nap on the boat would be perfect, sadly our tour guide didn’t think so.

About 5 kilometers sailing along the water passage, we came to “ Hundreds Birds Lake”. Here lived birds with over one hundred kinds including a few waterfowls, sounds of birds sings was everywhere. We continued sailing forward. There was “Fairy lake” after 3 kilometers sailing, according to the folks story, this was the place where fairies take baths. Many local people like swimming in there, earthly people always want to get a touch of fairy, universal truth. There was a wooden pavilion where you could do birds-watching in the middle of the lake, better, you could also weave fishing nets like locals did, very interesting. Stepping off from pavilion, there were two passages of timber decks, for better sight-seeing. I also watched birds show with different colored parrots, they were so smart and funny.

Time passed by so quick! I didn’t realise it was time for lunch until my stomach started howling for food. Most of Dangnai dishes were family style cuisines, every dish just looked so delicious and irresistible. There were fresh local mud fish, Lao tou fish(means Old-guy fish cuz its ugly look), crucians and other fish I couldn’t recognise. When it comes to vegetables, you got plenty of choices too. They got eggplants, dried kidney beans, dried cabbage. For staple food, they got big pancakes and millet. This was definitely the best trip ever!

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