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Nice Trip to Langzhong Ancient City

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I had never been to this city and my friends invited me to trip there driving by ourselves last year. I must to say, it was a wise choice.
Langzhong was one of the famous historical and cultural cities in China, located on the middle and upper reaches of Jialing River, northeast of Sichuan province. It was the biggest and well-preserved ancient city at present. Enjoy equal popularity with Lijiang, Pingyao, Shexian ancient cities, and they were the four ancient cities of China. This city was known as “Langyuan fairyland”. It had a long history, which was over 2,300 years. The 5A class tourist scenic spot won many good reputations and credited by authorities.

There were many versions about its name. At first, I could not pronounce the word “Lang” exactly. I read it the second tones, but instead of the accurate fourth tones. This city was surrounded by mountains and waters in three sides, with beautiful scenery and extremely advantageous geographical conditions. It attracted many scholars, poets and literary men to live here in past dynasties and left precious relics. Besides, it was rich in nature's treasures, talented and outstanding people. This city was deemed as the birthplace of Spring Festival, the great astronomer Luoxia Hong was born in Langzhong during Western Han Dynasty, he created armillary sphere and composed Taichu Calender, made great achievements. Because of his calendar, the first day of the first lunar month was defined as the New Year. Luoxia Hong was respectfully addressed “The spring festival old man”.

The Zhuang Yuan Fang was the first scenic we visited and it was built to memorize four champions. Huaguang Tower was a landmark of the city and it could date back to Tang Dynasty. The ancient building was destroyed by a big fire and the current one was rebuilt in 1867. It was listed into provincial heritage unit, located in the south of the city and by the Jialing River side. It was 25.5 meters high, rose from residential area and was magnificent as well as extremely rich in ancient architecture characteristics. The stone archway engraved slogans by the Red Army when they were going on campaigns in Lanzhong city. It was 5 meters high, people came and passer by through the archway every day. There were many plaques in the tower, and gave details about the unique building. It was also an ideal place by ascending the top of the tower to view the whole city.

We visited Gong Yuan, the imperial examination hall. There were four champions in history and their names were: Yin Shu, Yin Ji, Chenyao Shou, and Chenyao Zi. The Zhangfei Temple had over 1,700 year history. It was a compound of ancient courtyards, with its splendid and exquisite structures. The famous general Zhangfei guarded Langzhong for 7 years and he died in this city. It was said that his head was buried in Yunyang County and his body was buried in Langzhong. There was a horizontal board on the main gate, it read: “Han Huan Hou Ci”. People memorized the general for his brave and courageous personality.

In the next two days, we visited Tengwang Pavilion, Jingpingshan Park, the Pavilion of Prince Teng, Baba Temple, White Pagoda and Tian Gong Yuan Court. We walked onto the old streets and lanes, the lights were so amazing, enjoyed the beautiful view of the night and nobody wanted to leave. Before leaving, we bought special local products Zhangfei beef, Sugar Steamed Bread, and Baoning vinegar, famous silk quilts for friends and family. 

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