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Nine Islands of the Ocean King

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Nice Islands of the Ocean King Scenic Zone is located in Zhuanghe City, Liaoning province. It is made up of nine islands and six giant reefs, with more than 10000 residents. What makes this place special is its breath-taking scenery and interesting-shaped islands. You would see some animals such as dragon, turtle, elephant, lion if you look down the islands from a helicopter. The famous Chinese Poet named Guo Moruo once made a poem admiring the amazing views here,“Vast indigo seawater with no end in the sight, islands and corals line on the painted screen.”

God must love this place, you could see sea in many places but not a lot could match to the sceneries in here. Sea, Sunshine, Sand all in one, what more could you ask for? Wait, there is more! Have a delicious seafood meal from the locals would bring you a another level of experience on your taste bud. And loads of fun are waiting for you to explore. With over 34 kilometers picturesque shoreline, imagine all the fun you could have. This is the true version of Madonna’s song-La Isla Bonita.

If you think this is just another newly-discoverer tourist spot with nothing but great sceneries, you are way wrong. Because of its special location, those beautiful islands witness many big moments in history. To the east, there are North Korea, South Korea and Japan, it’s an important national defense area in China. In Qing dynasty, soldiers on the island would stand on beacon tower to fight against Japanese pirates' invading and harassing and protect the country. Till today, some beacon towers still can be seen and are well preserved. There is also international lighthouse built by Japanese invaders in 1938 and dams for ship docking in 1942.

Not only the views are beautiful, the people here are wise. Their wisdom and great imagination can be seen from the vivid description of island and reef names. They give the rocks life. There are monkey watching sunrise, drunken guy walking, immortal turtles crossing the sea, hedgehog jumping for food, lion fighting with roe deer, lamb looking for his mother, etc. Honestly I think it is like a rock version zoo.

On Yunabao Island(shoe-shaped gold ingot), there is famous birds watching platform. You could see the most birds living in Yellow Sea area. Sea ducks fall like autumn leaves, seagulls fly up like snowflakes, forming a strong contrast on the sea. If you want to watch egretta, there are two islands you can go, Tuanyuan island and Guanxiang Island. Both two are the territory of egretta. Those birds would wander on the beach elegantly, looking for shrimps and small crabs when the tide is out.

Taking a walk on the island and feel the fresh sea air, I wish I could live here for a month. Living by the sea is the best way of enjoying the life, at least for me. One day I would definitely come back and enjoy the view again.

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