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Nine-tower Chinese Folk Custom Happy Land

 2014-05-11    sonrisabai    Activities    Jinan    1064  

If you want to experience genuine Chinese culture from different minorities in one place, Nine-tower Chinese Folk Custom Happy Land is definitely the last place you wanna miss. It is located in Jinan city, capital of Shandong province, about 20 kilometers distance from downtown. The most famous feature is the 16 different ethnic minorities inside the land, each one has its special architectural style, custom, singing and dancing,costumes, food culture and folk craft. Imagine live 16 different lives in one day, how cool it would be! I have been told it’s a nice place for ages but never really got the chance to visit myself.

During the Labor Day National Holiday, I took a trip there. Regardless it’s jammed with numerous tourists, I still had quite a good time. Though it’s not very far from the downtown, the air is incredibly fresh already. First I came to the Nine Tower, it was built by a famous ancient Chinese general built this tower for his mother about one thousand years ago. Personally I wasn’t very interested about such stuff, I was more like a culture person.

Heading to Ethnic Minorities Garden. Before I reached there, I could hear joyful singing and dancing already. I paced up a little. First I came into Miao Garden, I watched some Miao dancing by three pretty Miao girls, all in their 20s. They had some peacocks in Miao garden, I was lucky to witness peacock showing its tail. Beautiful dancing of Miao People, Water-splashing of Dai People, riding and shooting of Meng People, all in one! All the joy and laugher, everyone was happy here.

In some ethnic garden(I forgot the exact name), an average-height guy with costume was playing music with a leaf like harmonica, I thought he’s from somewhere in southern China by his look. Then he picked some more leaves and handed them to tourists and showed us how to make lovely sound with this green little thing. I tried really hard to make a sound like everyone else, but no good. Maybe my music sensor wasn’t fully grown.

Happy hours always go fast. Without noticing it, it was 12 o’clock already. I could hear my stomach crave for food. There was only one problem, I didn’t know what to eat first. Inside Qilu Culture Village, there were so many typical Chinese food from different area, like hot pancakes, sweet potato starch jelly, tofu,steamed bun and a lot more. All freshly made. I wish I could try them all but I didn’t think my body could take it. If you like to drink a little, they also have brewed liquor in old way.

In happy valley, there’s no limit for the fun. For those who love extreme sports, they have bungee jumping, rock climbing. For others, they have golf, horse riding, live CS and dune buggy. One day wasn’t so not enough, I might come back soon.

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