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In Tibetan, Norbulingka means “The Jewelled Park”, is a beautiful palace and a classical landscape park in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous region. It served as the traditional summer palace for each successive Dalai Lama from 1780s until the 1959 was taken over by China government. It was built about 100 years after the Potala Palace was built.


After two hundred years of expansion, Norbulingka occupies an area of 360000 square meters. All sorts of plants were moved into Norbulingka. There are more than 100 kinds of plants in the palace. The flowers and trees are not only taken from Lhasa, but also from far away Himalayan. Moreover, plenty of plants are also brought in from the mainland or even imported from abroad. Of all the beautiful plants make Norbulingka very flourishing.


The architectural style of Norbulingka compound with a lot of Buddhism elements are making the palace looks more Tibetan. The decoration of Norbulingka are very ornate and colorful, each Dailai (Dalai is a title called by Tibetan means the highest ruler in Tibet) enjoyed their summer season in Norbulingka for its quiet and elegant environment.

Except the beautiful landscape, there are also many splendid Thangka, murals paintings and status in Norbulingka. Most of which connected with Buddhism have a high heritage value. It is said that Norbulingka is the largest and the best palace in Tibet.

Norbulingka is also well worth to visit at festival times and public holidays. Especially on Shoton Festival, one of the most important festivals in Tibet, the park is crowded with lots of people to enjoy the festival in Norbulingka. Many Tibetans together with their families and friends sit down to enjoy the picnic. They take many delicious foods to eat and good wine to drink.


Besides, as a common tourist, you can certainly not miss the wonderful show about the traditional Tibetan opera performances. There are lots of good Tibetan opera performances are held in Norbulingka. Tibetan opera is the main program on Shoton Festival. Tibetan opera is a unique opera in Tibet. The actors who play the role need to wear special masks with different colors. You can see the brilliant performance from morning until 5 o 'clock in the afternoon. The performances are rarely repeated within a week, because it is the most important festival for Tibetan opera, act by the strongest squad team from the whole Tibet. 

Norbulingka is also a window for outside people to get more understanding for the profound culture of Tibet.
When you are wandering in this Norbulingka, just enjoy your casual time in here you’ll certainly fall in love with her.


Tips For Travel to Norbulingka:

in the western suburbs of Lhasa.
Ticket price: 60 yuan/person
Visiting time: Norbulingka opens at 9:30 ~ 17:00.During the annual Shoton Festival, There are Tibetan opera performances in Norbulingka. Summer is also a good time to visit Norbulingka.
Traffic tips: There are a lot of buses and minibuses are can arrive, it only takes 1or 2 yuan by bus, 10 yuan by taxi.

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