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North of Beijing, Summer Crescent Bay

 2012-07-24    CTA    Sights    Beijing    3133  

Longing for the beautiful lavender in Provence?
There is a place called Crescent Bay in the suburbs of Beijing, where there are green mountains, gurgling clear water, garden of Gesang follower and large piece of romantic purple. There is a crescent-shaped valley near Huairou Jiuduhe and Huanghuacheng Water Great Wall, that is, the Crescent Bay Lavender Park.

We started early in the morning and arrived here about 10:00 a.m., cloudy, and it was forecast that there would have thundershowers later.
Summer Crescent Bay-1.jpg

We could see it is lush in the wooden fence next to the door.

Walk into the estate, greeted by the floor of flowers, which I have been looking for. This place is the base of wedding photography, some of the props.

Paths in the flower fields, green trees and scent the air.

There are rows of white fence while go down to walk. This is not lavenders, but verbena. This large area of purple is very romantic.
Summer Crescent Bay-2.jpg

Although the name of this estate is called Lavender Manor, but there are also large area of sunflower on the other side of the road.

The small fence on the roadside

The lake near the sunflower garden, where you can fish.

butterflies dancing fly in the flowers



There were some guitarists in our tourist group, so we could listen to the music while enjoy the beautiful flowers.

The food here, full amount of food, also good to eat.

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