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Northeastern Frontier Village Jiejin Kou

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Jiejin Kou is located in Tongjiang County from downstream of Heilongjiang River, facing Russia across the river. As a famous frontier of northeast, it is also the settlement for Haozhe minorites, one of the Small Six Minorites of China. It has a really long history, archaeologists have found stone axes, bone arrows and other primitive fishing tools.

There is a legend about the origin of its name. One upon a time, there lived an old man called Jiejin Kou besides the river. One summer, Black Dragon of the river locked up all the fish to keep fishmen getting anything. Jiejin Kou fought against the dragon with fish fork for days and finally he cut off its tail. The dragon begged for mercy and promised he would release the fish. Ever since then, this old guy always stood by the river, year after year, he turned into a rock. Later people named the village he once lived after his name.

One of the most impressive part of this place is fish. In the east side of every house, there is a fish tower where Haozhe people process fish and turn them into all kinds of food. Kids here need to learn how to use fish fork from 5 or 6 years old and go catching fish with their fathers in teenage years. The wedding ceremony is all about fish too. Bride would take colorful fishing boat car and wear gowns made of fish skin. Sounds a little crazy to me but everyone has its own way of life, just need to respect that. Even in funerals, people would have to bring fish. They want to make sure the deceased people could also enjoy fish in another world.

In the estuary of Lianhua River, there is famous spot called fishing terrace with swarms of fish here. There are many folk stories of it. One is about two brothers once lived at the foot of Jiejin Kou Mountain. The younger brother went fishing everyday to save money for his brother’s wedding, even in his sickness. Unfortunately, one day he was so sick that he lost his balance and fell into the river. His brother came to riverside and cried his heart out. One drop of his tears fell into the river and attracted numerous fish. Everyday tons of people come here and bring loads of fish back home.

Right besides the Fishing Terrace, there is an interesting stone called “Cut-the-devil Stone”. This reminds me of the show Supernatural, Sam and Dean would do much better with this magical stone. The world would be a better place without devil. Just a nice wish, too hard to come true.

Making it to the mountain top at dusk and overlooking the beautiful sceneries laying under, all the worries and troubles are gone at the moment. Winding rivers with sparking ripples, green grass at the riverside, scatted fishing boats on water, life is so beautiful in this small village! How I wish I could spend a few more days from here.

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