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Nuodeng Ancient Village in Dali

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When mentioning Yunnan Province, what first comes to your mind should be Lijiang and Dali. While within Dali, there are many ancient towns and villages that have stunning scenery and views. These ancient towns some are named, like Shaxi and Shuanglang Ancient Town, while some are unnamed like the Nuodeng Ancient Village we are going to see today.


Nuodeng Acient Village is situated in a deep valley northwest of Yunlong County, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. This is village is quite ancient with a long history more than 1,000 years. According to research, Nuodeng Ancient Village is the oldest village in northwest Yunnan. Though a thousand years has passed, Nuodeng still remained many building of Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Nuodeng was once an important financial town because of its salt. Then it declined when salt lost its economic status. But just because of this and its unique geographical location, Nuodeng is isolated from the outside world and is able to keep itself as it was.

Now Nuodeng is a village in a deep valley surrounded by mountains. It has a lowest altitude of 1,900 meters and a highest of 2,300 meters at the famous Yuhuang Pavilion. Because of its special geography, buildings and folk houses at Nuodeng Village is built upon mountain slopes. These folk houses are of changeable and elegant forms and every house has its own unique style and decorations. Doors, windows, pillars and beams are all decorated with exquisite carvings, and there are paintings and intricate patterns in the walls. Simple and unsophisticated, solemn but elegant, these folk houses are built layers by layers from the bottom to the top of mountain but still keep in proportioned layout. Among these houses, there are criss-crossed stone paved roads winding through and to connect each other.


Except these folk houses, there are more than 100 buildings from Ming and Qing Dynasty. The Yuhuang Pavilion is a main site in Nuodeng Village, then there are Dragon King Temple, Jiangxin club house, Wanshou Palace, memorial archways, ancestral halls, and the ancient banyan tress, all these have rich historical and cultural connotation. And the salt well remained in the village must be mentioned as they are live evidence for the development and decline of Nuodeng Village.


Though Nuodeng has stunning scenery and glorious history, it is also famed by its unique ham. Nuodeng ham is quite famous all over China because it was reported by a TV show A Bite of China. Many visitors come to Nuodeng to find this amazing tasty food. Ham made in Nuodeng is reputed as a gift by the nature. It is made with unique ingredients with intricate process. In addition to the salt produced by local Nuodeng, ham is made to have the unique Nuodeng flavor.


Nuodeng Village is very quiet and tranquil when you walking among the village. Even those elders sitting the front of the house and enjoying the sunshine would rather not disturb your visit. Whenever there rains, this village is clustered with fogs, like a fairy land isolated from the outside world. When sunshine comes out, the village becomes quite clean and fresh under the blue sky. Whether you come here to discover the ancient taste left by history and those ancient buildings, or you come to Nuodeng to get out of the noisy city life and enjoy the casual life here, you will find your way out.

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