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Nvwa Temple - Goddess of Ancient China

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Nvwa is the creator goddess of the ancient China, also known as the King of Wa. She has snake body with human head, with beautiful and elegant looks. Nvwa is believed to be the mother of the ancient Chinese. She created life and took care of all the creatures and protected them from natural disasters. She possessed a lot magic powers and could create at least 70s items every day. According to some unearthed relics and artifacts, ancient people showed great respect and cult for the goddess of Nuwa.

It could take days to hear out all the legends of the Nvwa so here I will just tell some of favorite ones and try to make it short. One day when she stood besides the river and thought to herself, it would be great to have someone look like me. Thus she made human beings with loses, according to her looks and in this way, human society was created. After a while, there was a horrible disaster, skying falling and monsters coming out, people all living in an nightmare. Nvwa smelted five-colored stones and used them to repair the broken sky, then killed the monsters and saved the people again.

When it comes to Nvwa, there is a stone you can’t miss out. It is called the Three Life Stone. Legend has it the stone was formed at the beginning of the human and as the time went, there was spirit growing inside the stone and not long after two lines appeared on it and divided it into three parts, meaning heaven, human world and the earth.

Nvwa was taken aback seeing the stone was growing bigger and bigger everyday so she casted a romantic spell on it and named it as the Three Life Stone, which means previous life, current life and next life. With such stone, chances are great that you would meet the loved one from this life in the next life again to continue the romance. True or not, it is still a very romantic saying between lovers.

Despite all the stories and legends of this great goddess, there is a real Nvwa temple in China. It is located in Qili village of Nvwa mountain, Ankang city of Gangsu province Rumor has it it was in Anangkang that Nvwa repaired the sky with the magic stone. Locals built the Nvwa temple to commemorate and worship her around 17 century B.C. Then it got rebuilt and enlarged in the later years. The temple got four gates and more than 100 rooms, it was the largest temple in that period.

If you take a closer look of the temple, you would find out some difference of its wall. Those rocks used for building walls are fire rocks from another county, incredibly hard and not melting very easily. However, all good things to an end. The temple is only left with a major hall and a wall of Peaceful heart after some battles and historical revolutions.

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