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Nyingchi(Linzhi)—Elf’s Paradis

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From Lhasa to Nyingchi(Linzhi) is the most beautiful senery in Tibet. You need to get through the 5013-meter-high mountain pass. You can experience 4 seasons in one day, different senery in ten miles.
During my 8-day Tibet tour, Nyingchi was the best one - beautiful senery with delicious food. I went to Nyingchi by bus on Sep 3. It took me almost 10 hours with one stop on the way, but only RMB150/PAX.

I fell asleep when the bus was leaving Lhasa.I was shocked by the amazing nature when I opened my eyes.On the way with the charming senery, cute Tibet pigs, cattles, horses....10 hours was just too short.
I booked Zangbo Hotel from Ctrip--RMB298/R/N. Ordering the flavor Ishinabe Chichen & mushrooms soup with the booking number, the hotel restaurant will reduce RMB50/Time; or RMB100/Time for the flavor Roasted Tibet Pork. There is a garden in the hotel, a part of which is for guest to take a rest, the other part is vegetables plantation, which are cultivated by waiters.

A relaxing tour in Nyingchi at least need 4 full days. Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon(here you can see the most beautiful mountain in the world—Nnamjagbarwa mountain), Lulang county (Forest, flower, prairie), Nanyi Valley, Motuo county (hiking)….All the beautiful places are just here, silently waiting for me.
I only had 2 full days, so Lulang county and Nayi Valley were my final choice. I joined a one-day-tour for the low cost.

Lulang county is made of Forest(spruce and pine tree), flower paradise and Mountain prairie. In the county, there are 5 villages, where people here all live a original life. Some B&B owners even doesn’t use phone now, only check email on fixed date. In my view, not having the signal for phone would push us enjoy the nature and cherish our families and friends. You can have a night at B&B to appreciate the nature from top to bottom.
The one-day-tour included the entrance ticket, transportation, lunch, tour guide and driver service, all of which only cost me RMB480/PAX. What a worth!!! It only needed about 2 hours from Nyingchi(Bayi Town) to Lulang county. It is seat in coach day tour package, you can make friends with others in coach, sharing the experience and ask for advice for tours. Happy time always flied soon.

Nanyi Valley, which at the border of China and India, is in Milin county,—about 1 hour bus from Nyingchi (Bayi Town). RMB560/PAX—seat in coach price. A troops garrison is there, so there is no worry about security. Nanyi Valley is composed by 8 fixed stops and 5 optional stops. The Nanyi Valley is the Lhoba Nationality settlement. The first stop in Nanyi tour is visiting Lhoba Nationality house. In the house you can dress their costumes, taste the Authentic snacks, Learn traditional horseback archery in the big Yard. Nanyi Valley is an part of Original Forest, only a road battery car and a 2km walkway in this forest.

Besides the nature senery, Lamaseries, Prayer flags, Pray Wheel, Nima Stone Heaps can be seen everywhere. Religion is no national boundaries in this world. The people with faith are respectable.
After the 2-full-day tour, I went back Lhasa from Nyingchi by mini-van. The hotel manager helped me find it. 4 pax sharing a mini-van for the 10 hours, same rate compare with bus, but can stop whenever you required. We stoped on the Mila pass—highest place for this trip. I saw a fox on the way beside the pigs, cattles, horses. This is just what life should be——there will always be a surprise for us. Just be prepared!

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