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OCT Loft-A Great Alternative In Urban Shenzhen

 2017-11-30    Ying C    Sights    Shenzhen    1464  

Shenzhen OCT Loft

Shenzhen OCT Loft7.jpg

If you get overwhelmed by Shenzhen urban  frenzy and want a quick getaway from time to time, OCT Loft would be a great alternative  experience from what you’re normally expecting to see in  this southern Chinese manufacturing megacity.

OCT Loft1.jpg

The OCT Loft complex, converted from the abandoned  factory buildings by Shenzhen architecture company Urbanus, is one of the best  places to see contemporary art in Shenzhen. With a total of investment of US$3.9  million and two years of renovations, it stretches over a space of 1,500,000  square meters. Shenzhen government subsidies many art/design/architecture  companies so that settle in this area, with its set up recalling Beijing’s edgy  789 Art Zone as well as Shanghai’s M50.

Shenzhen OCT Loft3.jpg

OCT Loft2.jpg

The complex houses contemporary art  galleries (many of them closed on Mondays), stylish coffee shops, chic fashion  boutiques, jazz bars and restaurants. It also hosts Shenzhen's better-known art  exhibitions and even boasts its own Jazz festival. In the midst of lush  greeneries, you can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the low level architecture and  outdoor gardens among street sculptures.

OCT Loft6.jpg

T-Street Creative Bazaar

T-Street Creative Bazaar2.jpg

T-Street Creative Bazaar is held monthly  here, the first weekend of each month. Walk through varieties of stalls selling  locally made artistry and handcrafted items made by young people. These  creative cultural things are great for birthday gifts. It’s a very interesting  place to hang out with friends. The only hippie corner in Shenzhen.

T-Street Creative Bazaar1.jpg

OCT Loft4.jpg

Old Heaven Bookstore

Oldheaven books4.jpg

Old Heaven Bookstore is a popular little  bookstore/café with a touch of nostalgia. Its book selection is extremely  great, especially literatures. Not many English books to choose from though. What  truly surprises is that plenty of CDs and vinyls are showcased and for sale. Sometimes  you may even meet music bands giving their performances in the store unexpectedly.

oldheaven books5.jpg

Getting There

You can get here via subway train and get  off at OCT station on Line one. The location is quite central and close to  Shennan road which makes it easy to reach. In a word, it’s a beautiful place to  spend a day reading, dining with friends or exploring art and culture.

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