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On the National Highway 318: Part 1

 2011-12-01    Micecon    Sights    Ganzi    2055  

We came to Chengdu, for the trip on the National Highway 318, for the Sichuan-Tibet Line, and for the long-awaited paradise!

The day before we started the trip was the most relaxing day. We didn’t know how difficult to travel on the 318 National Highway.

This is our first stop: Erlang Mountain, but why it is called Erlang Mountain?

Looking at the invisible peak of Erlang Mountain, I don’t know how many people had contributed to Tibet’s construction.

The foggy Qingyi River…

When we came to Ya'an, we had planed to taste the local fish in the famous rainy city Ya’an City, which is known for its rain, girls, and fish. But we couldn’t accept the outrageous price, so we had to change for another spicy and hot fish! And I had no idea what flavor the fish!

The Dadu River in the fog…we followed the hill road you can faintly see in the picture down to the Dadu River, and then went straightly to the revolutionary city: Luding.

Sculptures of the brave warriors who won the Luding Bridge

We visited the Luding Bridge for free because the bridge was just completely repaired.

Looked at the rickety iron chains on the rushing river, and then thought of the warriors who won the Luding Bridge, I really didn’t know what to say…

In the street of Luding

We stayed at the home of love—Kangding, which was an important trading town for many centuries. It was deep night when we arrived at Kangding, there was white fog in the mountains as it had just rain, and rather cold!

The traffic is very bad on the Sichuan-Tibet line, and there is always traffic jam, because the geological condition of the road is too bad!

We got up early in the morning, only to find white mist outside, though wore one more clothes, I still felt cold!

The rising sun in the clouds…the locals told us that it had been rainy for several days, and I hoped we would have sunny days in the next following days!

The new Kangding in the fog

Hit the road…the sun gradually sweep mist, blue sky, clear creek, gurgling water, there were different scenery when passing different cols.

Seeing our admiration for the outside scenery, the driver told us that when into Tibet, the scenery would be more beautiful.

First time to climb up a more than 4,000 meters high mountain, this is the Kamba First Pass — Zheduo Mountain Pass.

The top of the 4298 m mountain was full of colorful prayer flags, eye-catching in the blue sky and white clouds.  We saw several bicycles at the pass. Seeing them cycling to Tibet, we admired their perseverance!

Smart and devout Tibetans make full use of water, you can take a look at the water prayer wheel, which shows their passion to religious.

Fibers, high-voltage towers, pagodas, prayer flags…all of these combine the ancient faith and modern progress at the same time.

The large words: THE LOVE SONG OF KANGDING appeared in front of us, on the mountain in the distance.

Overlooking the Gongga Mountain on the Gaoersi Mountain (in that far horizon)

Take a look in the telephoto, rather beautiful!

The next day, we came to Yajiang. The road from Xindu Bridge to Yajiang was serious damaged, each passing vehicles were all covered with mud.

Blue sky and white clouds have gradually become the main scenery in front of us.

Blue sky, white clouds, grassland, and the yaks grazing on pasture

There are numbers of mountains and cliffs in western Sichuan, and there is a bustling town in the mountains, that is, Yajiang, which is the traffic throat of the Sichuan-Tibet artery.

A glimpse of Yajiang

in the Yajiang stree…

We left from Yajiang and moved on, crossing two more than 4,000 meters high mountains and into the Maoya Prairie. It’s a vast and quality alpine prairie, with an average elevation of 4,000 meters, and there are undulating flowers every summer. The Litang County in the prairie can be known as the “World High City”, this is the reincarnation of VII and X. of the Dalai Lama.

We came across some cyclists on our way. They were heading for Lhasa, maybe it would take them a long time, but they still went on…This guy had been riding for days, we chatted with him for a while, admiring his perseverance. Looking his receding figure, we wish him a good journey!

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