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On the National Highway 318: Part 2

 2011-12-01    Micecon    Sights    Ganzi    1716  

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Red Grassland (Hongcaodi) is the only one in the world, and it has been circled up by some Tibetans for selling tickets.

Tibetan model village

We came to 
Bangpu Temple, the oldest temple in Daocheng, 30 kilometers from the county, with an altitude of 3940 meters, and Karmapa is the founder of Bangpu Temple. October 30 is the last day of the anniversary of Karmapa.

A Master warmly received us, who had innocent smile on the face. Looking at the devoted people dressed in their holiday to celebrate the birthday of Karmapa, you could see the Tibetan people have a good relationship with the religion.

The main hall of Bangpu Temple

The Master I mentioned just now

The prayer wheel in front of Bangpu Temple…

Tibetans attending the celebration

The monks attending the celebration were having their lunch.

The well-dressed little girl in the celebration

The honest Tibetan man

Three young men


This family

Monks and beauties

Take a photo together

This happy brother and sister.

We must arrive at Batang in the evening, so we had to leave! Goodbye…

We finally arrive at Batang, which has the reputation of Beauty on Plateau.

Batang panorama

The Tibetan clothing on the Yangle Festival is very beautiful, accompanied with simple musical instruments, just a drum and a gong, but the opera is too long, it may takes a few days to play, as well as too much content, so the actors were all holding the lines in the show!

The actor playing the prince was very conscientiously reading the lines.

The actors were having a rest nearby.

The Tibetan monks had their special seats, showing the locals respect for the monks!

This old man was the uncle of our guide, a prestigious Lama. He was 70 years old and very amiable, treat us good food, and explain the Tibetan show to us. Looking at the old kind face, we sincerely wished him a healthy life!

watch the show

Yangle Festival is a grand festival of the Tibetan people in Batang. Yangle Festival is actually a harvest celebrating festival. On that day, Tibetan people in their holiday best bring with them wine and food and gather at a big open ground to enjoy the Tibetan opera while visiting the commodities fair held at the site. Generally, this festival starts in early September and end in the mid-September, lasting for ten days.

Very family has a fix place to set up a tent, and this one belongs to our guide.

In our guide’s tent, we received a warm welcome, to drink a bowl of butter tea.

one more

one more

their own fruit

They were busy making noodles for us.

A bowl of noodle, very delicious! Our guide’s father said we must eat eighteen bowls, oh my god, but I could only eat three bowls!

Look, everybody was happy, smiling…of course, I was in the photo, but behind the camera.

Thank you, Batang, our guide, and all of his family! 

We were still in Sichuan, far away from Lhasa…We left Batang and moved forward.

a village deep in the mountain

Turned at a corner, a thick smell of sulfur came to us.

boiling water

We came across some young Tibetan people on the way to CuoPu Valley. They were kowtowing all the way, tirelessly, shocked all of us!

Blue sky, white clouds, snow mountains…

We deep into Cuopu Valley, though the mountain was still far away, but its majestic amazed us very much! The prairie under our foot was just like colored picture.

take a close look at the mountain

The more into the valley, the scenery is more beautiful! A variety of colorful prayer flags tied on the trees around the Cuopu Lake dress up the lake more beautiful.

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