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One Day Trip to Daming Lake in Summer

 2014-03-17    sonrisabai    Sights    Jinan    1529  

As one of the three top best tourist spots in Jinan, Daming Lake has become a postcard of the city. It's located to the north of the old city center, the lake is fed by the artesian karst springs of the area. I've been there so many times since it's near where I live. Now it has become a getaway place for me, anytime I feel upset or can't figure out something, Daming Lake is the very first place I would go. There's no second place that has such magical healing effect on me.

Daming Lake Park is well known by its 32 bridges in different styles. Each bridge has its own special name with real historical stories. Standing on the bridge and looking down at the lake, everything that's been bugging me seems to disappear at the moment. Just because its amazing view, many newly couples are taking their wedding pictures from here. 

The Daming Park has several entrance, for the convenience of tourists from different directions. I choose the one that's near me, stepping in, the first thing in sight is a big rock that's carved with its name-Daming Lake. Around the rock, there are some bright colored flowers on the grass, many people like to take pictures here.

After walking for a short while, I finally come to the lake side. A row of tall willows stand besides the lake, casting their shadows on the water, swinging with the warm summer breeze. Many boats are sailing around in the lake, some are families , some are friends, happy laughters are coming to my ears from the distance. Summer is lotus season, my favorite time of the year. You could find lotus flowers in many parts of the lake. The park gardener told me they just brought in some new kinds of lotus this year, those new ones definitely decorated the lake a lot better. Lotus flowers are in different colors like white, pink, purple, decorating with green round leaves, some tourist would stop by and appreciate the beautiful scenary. I take a deep breath, savoring the scent of lotus flower and refreshing my mind. 

There is a small island named “Li Xia Pavillion” that's located in the center of the lake, it got the name because it's about under mountain Li. A wooden building in ancient Chinese construction style stands majestically on it. It has a long history. Back to Tang Dynasty, two famous poets had a few drinks in there and wrote some poems. I sit in there for a little bit, trying to travel back time and feel its glamour in old times.

The park gets even more beautiful when night falls. Neon lights with different colors are all lighting up, creating a colorful night world. The lake becomes a magical mirror, reflecting the round moon in light yellow color. Families take walks after dinner, lovers sit on the bench besides the lake, kids run around with joyful faces, everyone is enjoying their time here. 

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