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One Impressive Trip of Jianhu Lake

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Jianhu Lake, also referred to as the Mirror Lake, stands on the southwest of Shaoxing City in Zhejiang Province. As the saying goes, it described the "Eight-hundred-mile Jianhu Lake", only when you stepped on it, you could feel the grandness of Jianhu Lake. Your best choice for vacation and leisure taking is Jianhu Lake. It's a region of rivers and lakes, and the village-like holiday inn is the perfect place to relax.

Jianhu Lake being features of its wide vision, elegant environment verdant trees and green pool, birds twitter and fragrance of flowers etc. Linxia brick carving is an ideal place for spending holiday and cultural entertainment. In other words, Jianhu Lake is well-known for its typical Southern Chinese river-side scenery marked by small bridges, murmuring streams and elegant dwellings, and should be an ideal destination for relaxation and holiday-spending.

There are four major tourist destinations: Flute Pavilion of Eastern Han Dynasty, Autumn Boating on Jianhu Lake, Stroll in the Moon Light along Five Bridges and Calabash Drunken lslet. It not only fully displays its rich and unique natural scenery, but also has many famous historical spots that give rise to its prospect of unequalled beauty. Wonderful Jianhu Lake fully combines to paint a tranquil scene of a river on a moonlit night in spring, and would be a paean of praise to the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Idyllic scenery has made Jianhu Lake a typical watery township in the south of China. The Jianhu is as clear as a bright mirror and fully mirrored the shapely figure of the mountain. Its beauty is the beauty of the water and sky, and the varied colour of the lagoon, and the grace of the willow trees. The quality of the lake water is so good that you can drink right from them.

The water of Jianhu Lake could be made to produce a type of rice wine originated in the city of Shaoxing, which is regarded as the national wine. We go for a sail on the vast lake by moonlight, just enjoy the stunning surrounding scenery and its reflection in the shimmering limpid lake. The place is not only eminent for its natural scenery, but also its many historic spots, which would surely count as deserving a visit. Jianhu Lake is the landscape's most beautiful and expressive characters. It is considered to be one of the natural world's outstanding destinations of beauty.

We just went cruise on row of tiny wind waves that flowed up the pool's green surface. Several fishing-smacks and coasting boats, some keeping the fantastic fashion of ancient galleys, were discernible on the Jianhu Lake. At nightfall, all the fishing boats bobbed on the lake, and all the birds at nest. If you're the kind that prefers to go boating on the lake, a cruise through the lake should do you nicely. Jianhu Lake offers a prefect representation the eye-catching scenery of the watery region in South, and leaves visitors deep impression and strong artistic appeal.

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