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Overview the sea of clouds on the Sunlight Rock

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It is said that someone who fails to reach the top of Sunlight Rock has not been to  Xiamen.There is a temple named Sun Temple along the hill in the park, behind which there is a stone steps up the mountain. There is also a stone tablet engraved with some Chinese characters on it. Sunlight Rock is the best beautiful spot of Gulangyu Islet, including the Sunlight Rock and the Piano Museum. A diameter of more than forty meters of rock on the summit of Sunlight Rock is the symbol of Xiamen.

sunlight Flickr By Sara Yeomans_副本_副本.jpg
Stacked oddly-shaped rocks, natural caves, lapping waves, and verdant trees and  flowers, all of these were presenting tropical romance atmosphere. There are  many wonderful types of scenery, as well as lots of stone inscriptions from  ancient scholars.

On the top of Sunlight Rock standing a round desk, we could overlook the  beautiful scenery of Xiamen and Gulangyu Islet. Among the vast sea of clouds,  there is a large bear and small bear islands. A cable car under the Sunlight  Rock connected the Sunlight Rock and the Piano Museum. 

cable car Flickr By Christina Xu_副本.jpg

Sunlight Rock is the leading attraction of Gulangyu Islet.

There is a temple, known as Sunlight Temple.

Sunlight Rock Temple, commonly known as a tile, is a natural cave, with a  stone as its roof.

2 xiamen temple By Pixabay_副本.jpg
Sunlight Rock Temple was repeatedly destroyed but reconstructed again and again. In the Wen years, people built Yuan Ming Temple to worship Maitreya, and built an octagonal pavilion in front of the temple,hanging Sunlight Temple plaque.

It is said that whenever the sun rises, the rays shone through the Temple and the whole Temple will bright up immediately. Sunlight Rock is also known as Longtou (Dragon Head) Hill, and facing to the Hutou Mountain in Xiamen.

The wave of Gulangyu Islet rolls day after day.

beach By Pixabay_副本.jpg
Overlook on the summit on the Sunlight Rock.

Gulangyu Islet appear indistinctly in the green trees.

You can see almost the whole Xiamen on the peak.

1 xiamen sunlight rock By Pixabay_副本.jpg
Local food.

Local food Pixabay_副本.jpg
The ancient fortress

Fortress Flickr Photo By Toine Rooijmans_副本.jpg

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