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Paifang Structures of Tangyue Village

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The Tongue Paifang Group is located on the North road, Tangyue village, Zhencun town, Shexian county, Anhui province, and I call the Tangyue Paifang Group. From afar, these stone- Paifang is really like soldiers. And the reason which I call them like Soldiers is not only because of this, also because of the ancient people’s attitude and manners. 

The Tangyue Village is more than 800 years old. Most of the villagers' family name is Bao. They ran business generation by generation and emphasized filial obedience. There are seven Soldiers in the Tangyue village, three of them built in the Ming dynasty and the rest four built in the Qing dynasty. Paifang is a history medal of Shexian village, from the history record, this place raised a lot of outstanding people such as Ling Lee, Di Zhu, Sheng Bi, Shi Hu and so on... And these “Soldiers “ are stand for the real history of the Tangyue village.There are two stories which about the Paifang of the Tangyue village.

From the journal of the Shexian County, The Baocan Xiaoxing Fang built in the early Ming dynasty ( 1552-1567), you could see there are two words “ imperial edict” on the Paifang and these words means the emperor of the Ming dynasty made an order to build this Paifang.

The record says that Baocan is well-read, but he doesn’t like to be official. And his mother’s feet got sick, there is no one could heal his mother’s feet in many years. But this man, he sucks his mom’s feet which have blood and pus, until her feet get cured. His story moves a lot of people including the emperor, and he has a grandson who is a minister of the Ming dynasty. Then the emperor made an imperial edict to build this Paifang for Baocan with an official title.

There is another story about the Paifang of the Tangyue village, the record say that there was an ar in the Yuan dynasty, and the rebel army grappled two innocent man they are father and son. The rebel army wants to kill them all, then he asked the two innocent men who wants to die first. The two innocent men surprised him, both of the innocent men want to die and ask for the rebel army to let the each other to go. The rebel armies moved by both of them, therefore the rebel armies let them go. After that, the royal court built this Paifang for both of them to let people knows that the filial obedience is important for people.

The Paifang of Tangyue symbolized the architecture of art in the Ming and Qing dynasty, even it is being more than several hundred years, but it is like that the soldiers are standing in a line to make the people knows their fabulous history.

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