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Painting Lovers Must Visit-Dafen Oil Painting Village

 2017-11-27    Ying C    Sights    Shenzhen    2401  

If you happen to be a painting lover  visiting Shenzhen in Guangdong Province, there is a great place worth checking out: Dafen Oil Painting Village.

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Dafen is a so-called “urban village” in the  southern Chinese manufacturing megacity Shenzhen that once produced an  estimated 60 percent of all the world’s oil painting. The village is home to approximately  5,000 workers and 800 shops. Many of its artists trained at art academies specialize  in oil painting replicas of masterpieces by Picasso, Warhol, Monet, Rembrandt  and others.

Dafen Village (Mitch Altman)5.jpg

Dafen was once a farming and fishing  village until 1989, when Huang Jiang, a Hong Kong entrepreneur and painter,  moved there with a group of about 20 artists. He had been selling a few dozen  copied paintings each month to foreign buyers, most from the United States and  Europe. Huang was quite successful and the demand for replicas of paintings increased.  Since then more and more artists took up residence shaping the Oil Painting  Village we see today.

Dafen Village (Cory Doctorow)6.jpg

Whether you are looking for a reproduction  of a famous painting or original art, this is definitely worth a visit. For as  little as $20USD, one can walk away with a decent oil painting. There are a few  artists painting portraits of families from photographs. You can negotiate a  price and have them do it and they will mail it around the world.

Dafen Village (Cory Doctorow)4.jpg

Of course, if you don’t appreciate “copies”  and think that very few paintings were worth buying, there still offers good  art material for extremely cheap prices. Quaint café and gallery shops are  available to people who want to spend a couple of hours on the weekend.

Dafen Village(Cory Doctorow).jpg

It is accessible by Metro Subway Line 3. Get  off at Dafen Metro Station and take a 5 minute walk. You'll see a couple of  signs pointing you towards the village.

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