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Paradise For Eating & Shopping at Wuhan Cultural Streets

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Whenever we mentioned about eating and shopping, Hong Kong may come into our mind quickly. However, today we are heading for another paradise for eating and shopping, Wuhan cultural streets in central China. They are Han Zheng Street, Hanjiang Walking Street and Xianggang Lu cultural street respectively. Now we are going to explore them one by one.

Han Zheng Street (汉正街), situated in the center of Hankou Town, is a widely known as a bustling walking street. Though Han Zheng Street was developed into a hot tourism resort in 2000 by local government, it is a century-old street with long and prosperous history. When you enter the street, gorgeous stores are welcoming you warmly. As one of the biggest wholesale center in China, you can buy almost everything in Han Zheng Street, including fashionable clothes, brand-new furniture and traditional folk artwork. The prince is a little bit high here, so learning how to bargain seems rather important in Han Zheng Street.

Hanjiang Walking Street gains its name from the geography, because it is located near Hanjiang Lu. With a length of about 252 feet, Hanjiang Walking Street is filled with more than 200 lovely stores and crowded tourists. Specially, the stores are all housed in traditional buildings and there are five different squares here. Walking in the street, you can either buy local specialties for family and friends or appreciate the history of this time-honored city. By the way, public telephones, mailboxes, car parking, banks are all available in Hanjiang Walking Street, which may bring great convenience to tourists.

If you are looking for something special and expensive, why not spend a whole morning or afternoon in Xianggang Lu Cultural Street. Xianggang Lu Cultural Street features traditional Chinese folk artwork, which is typically favored by most foreign tourists. Stores here offer a sea of choice for tourists who enjoy Chinese paintings, calligraphy, jade, curious etc. Almost each Chinese folk artwork illustrates the history of Wuhan City.

Wuhan is a cultural city with long history, and dining in Wuhan is also a yummy culture. As a matter of fact, Wuhan is more suitable for dining than living, because “E Cuisine” has been included into Ten Cuisine in China. In terms of dining, Steamed Wuchang Fish is a must-try that most tourists will not want to miss. Wuchang Fish is a kind of freshwater fish, which tastes delicious when steamed with mushrooms, chicken soup and some other materials. Another yummy dish that will not disappoint tourists is “Re Gan Mian”. Re Gan Mian refers to hot and spicy noodles, which is known as a famous snack in Wuhan. For most local people in Wuhan, Re Gan Mian is a perfect choice for breakfast. Mixed with spring onion, sesame oil and special sauce, Re Gan Mian tastes pliable and spicy. Unlike Steamed Wuchang Fish, Re Gan Mian is sold at a low price. And countless restaurants in Wuhan sell Re Gan Mian.

Wuhan Cultural Street is an amazing paradise for those who love eating and shopping. Want to have a try? Let is meet in Wuhan!

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