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Pearl of the Northern China-Jingbo Lake

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Jingbo Lake is situated in the southeast of Heilongjiang province . It has been enjoying a high prestige for its heavenly beautiful scenery among tourists from all over the world. It had different names in ancient time, it got the current name around 713 A.D of Ming Dynasty and was used since then. Jingbo means peace and tranquility, just like a mirror. It is the largest alpine barrier lake in China.

Its formation can be traced back to around 10 thousand years ago. Back then it was the Late Quaternary period, after several times of volcanic eruption, basalt lava blocked Mudan River and formed a giant lake. The average depth of the lake is about 40 meters and the deepest spot can reach 62 meters, covering an area of 1726 square meters.

Just standing besides the lake with the most beautiful view in front of you, you would feel the trip is totally worth it. What makes Jingbo Lake different from other hot tourist attractions is that you can enjoy the different views anytime of the year. In spring, there are azalea all over the mountains and lake water filled with apricot flowers; In summer, miles of shades besides the bank, boats scattered on the lake; In autumn, mountains covered with colorful leaves and ripe fruits; in winter, the lake becomes a whole world of silver, everything looks crystal clear.

We took a cruise tour in the lake so we could enjoy the view best. With green mountains and water wrapped around us, if there was a place like heaven, this must be it! According to the tour guide, the reason why it could keep great environment because there was no factory inside the 50 kilometers radius. Even today, you could still see the roe deer and pheasant around the area, if you got lucky, you might see a black bear. The fish from here tasted good too, thanks to the rich minerals in the water.

Then we came to the most famous tourist spot-Diaoshuilou Falls, it was located in the northwest of park. There was a huge dam, forming a drop around 30 meters and width of 40 meters. Tourists could watch the falls in pavilion and iron-chain fence from above. Besides the breath-taking scenery, there was a special performance that definitely would blow your mind-watching the first waterfall guy jumping from the top. I was also having a heart attack watching this, but it was pretty cool.

The last destination of this trip was Jingbo Valley. Here you could see typical buildings like bridges, wells and Gulou, all with rich Korean folk customs feelings. I picked some colorful wild fruits on the hill side and they tasted not bad. Absolutely worth the effort! Some were grown on cliffs which was very dangerous. Haha! Time to talk about the food here-delicious Jingbo fish! Jingbo fish was once the imperial tribute food. It did taste very good, I wish I could had more but my stomach was saying no. 

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