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Phoenix Mountain National Forest Park

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Phoenix Mountain National Forest Park is situated in Jidong county, Harbin city of Heilongjiang province. It is also a border that separates two provinces. Its main peak is about 1690 meters above the sea level, the famous hanging garden is located here. What makes it special is the vast primitive forest with tons of precious plants and animals species, grand valley, high-mountain wetland, and so much more nature could give.

There are over 170 wild animal species, such as otter, roe deer, red fox, raccoon, weasel, northeast Asiatic salamander, coarse skin frog, the frog, grass lizards, yellow ridge am, viper and others. Some species have a high requirements for the surrounding environment. The whole parks covers an area of fifty thousand acres, very easy to get lost, especially for someone like me that’s born without sense of direction. Thank god I was with my friends. But that is completely not a bad thing in some way, which gives me more time to enjoy the wonder of nature. Like most area in northeast of China, the weather here is cold as well. The annual average temperature is around 2 to 3 degrees.

If you are interested in traditional Chinese medicine, this is the perfect place for you. Besides some rare plants in the park, there are also some famous but rare Chinese herbs like ginseng, Mukdenia rossii, epimedium, Rhus chinensis and others I can’t put a finger on. Honestly speaking, I am not a big fan of mountains, it’s boring. But I like the mountain here, it’s more like a treasure hunt land, you never know what kind magic place would offer.

The UFO incidence happened in 1994 just made this area more mysterious. Some day in July, a few tourists were taking pictures of hanging garden sight-seeing platform. Suddenly they noticed there was a plate-shape glowing thing hovering above the sky, then it disappeared very fast, luckily enough they seized the magical moment and took a pic of it. Soon the phenix mountain became the topic of everyday chitchat. The national discovery channel once did a cover featuring this story.

The grand canyon & falls is formed with 6 waterfalls, with falls drop of 100 meters and depth about 800-1000 meters, the narrowest spot is about 20 meters. With the sound of water splashing from up above, it feels so cool.

The view is better on the higher side in the park. As you go higher, the wonder and beautiful sceneries is getting more and more. All the best tourist spots start with the word high, like high-mountain wetland, high-mountain Pinus pumila woods, high-mountain azalea sea, high-mountain rare herbs, high-mountain carpet and so on. The wetland is on top of the mountain, about 1600 meters high, also is regarded as “The kidney of the Mountain”. The most famous herbs here is a traditional Chinese meds called Rhodiola rosea, which grows only in high ground earth. It is a good cure for resisting fatigue, anti-radiation and anti-aging.

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