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Picturesque Scenery of Mount Guanmen

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Located in Benxi Manzu Autonomous County, Guanmen Mountain has the reputation of being the Mount Huangshan in northeast China. It's in a cascade of color all the year round, with dramatically different landscapes. Mount Guanmen consists of Benxi Mount Guanmen forest park and Mount Guanmen Reservior, they're over ten kilometres apart. It has been included on the list of AAAA rated national scenic area.

Guanmen Mountain covers an area of 3517 hectares, with forest coverage reaching 95%. The well protected vegetation in the garden has a critical position for research on the evolution of plants. There's a great variety of old trees and famous wood species available. All these landscapes are very beautiful, and distinguished by various qualities. It's one kind of tourism scenic spot that assembles a great many of tour, sightseeing, summer resort, vacation and relaxation into one whole. To me, the pageant of seasons of Guanmen Mountain is a thrilling and unending drama, each moment of the year has its own beauty.

Standing on the mountaintop, you would feast your eye on a succession of bewitchingly charming scenes of nature, which forms a magnificent picture, like a scroll of Chinese landscape painting. It was a land fragrant with flowers in the spring, with numerous unknown beautiful flowers blanketing hill and dale. It's one fairy land where was beds of spring flowers, red and yellow and blue, in the beautiful, smooth grass under the trees.

The range of the mountains is the maple leaves, ring upon ring of woods tinted with deep red form a beautiful prospect over the mountain top. I am reminded of that most justly described in those discreet lines of the poet: "I stop my coach at maple woods to gaze my fill; frost-bitten leaves look redder than early spring flowers." There're a thousand leagues of swirling snow in the winter in northern China. In snow-white winter, peculiar mountain, strange stone, green pine, beautiful tree cast dignity and elegance for Guanmen Mountain.

Guanmen Mountain is located in mid-temperate moderate humidity climatic character of warm and balmy spring, the rainy summer months, clear and crisp autumn climate and icy and snowy field. Here we can almost promise sunshine, an annual mean temperature of about 6 to 8 degrees Celsius, which is indeed the nature's guarantee for a fabulous holiday. The area is blessed with plentiful rainfall and a mild climate all the year round, with the mean annual precipitation of about 800 to 900 millimeters.

You could comfortably revel in the ground of infinite fluttering flags scenery, and the beautiful soft blue overhead. These sweet-smelling green trees of fresh air can be understood in the densely-grown and shadowy woods. An eyeful of green trees on the shore line was reflected in the clear water. The main scenic area of Yuetaizi was based solely on the red maple trees. Here one could view towering over the hills on one side what is known as "The King of All Maple Trees." Every deep autumn the whole mountain was glowing against the sky.

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