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Picturesque Taohua River in Guangxi

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Of the rivers in Gulin City, the famous Peach Blossoms River (the ancient name for Yangjiang River) is typical of the scenic beauty of it. As a stream tributary to the Lijang River, the Taohua River with the total length of about 25km long took its rise from Simo Mountain in Guilin, running across Lingui, Lingchuan and Guilin, and was leaded into the Li River in the Ming dynasty.

The story is going about that there's the Huayan Cave at the source of Taohua River, there were often peach flowers parts flowing out of the cave, and hence the fancy name Taohua River. First formalized about ten or twenty years ago, the wide stretch of water became narrower because of regional underground water level continual dropping. It's said that the stream course in Guilin came as S-shaped, as of three long green streamers flowing on Guibei dissolution basin.

The Taohua River winds around the fragrant islands where the blooming peach flowers in her light all look like the blood-red light of dawn, with a kind of luminous rosiness all about her. The river is a peaceful haven with the extending mountain ranges and the breathtaking beauty of nature. The mountain peaks on the shore line had a clear reflection on the smooth surface of the lake, which was as beautiful as a painting.

Sightseers in the scenic area usually follow the winding route made up of nine zigzags and eighteen turns that span an inlet of the river. The river changes its aspect at every turn. It's a magical view over the calm waters of the river. Walking along the path, sightseers could better enjoy the scenery of "Autumn Moon on the Yang River" that is part of the eight scenic sights of Guilin City.

There once had the famous poet who had composed the following poem to celebrate the beautiful scenery here: you expatiated through the beautiful Taohua River while the beauty dragged the long skirts. Here they compared the wonderful Taohua River as the perfect dream who had trailed her elegant skirt, shaking slightly in various carriages.

There was perfect ecological environment on both banks of the Taohua River as of the picture galleries of the mountains and waters. And the stunning view of "Thousands of peaks stand towering around; a river winds its way around the city" unfolded before us. Every detail of the landscape became quite unreal finally and it seemed as though the cloister on the water in Guilin City.

Some visitors would like to take up the river banks by boat, the green mountains in the picture and the countryside in the water made a unique traditional Chinese painting with the mountains and waters. Here you could dwell on its particular appeal when you visit the picturesque gallery.

Most of the Taohua River basin are the region dominated by limestone formations, where visitors could view the crystal clear waters. On both sides were wooded mountain tops with a shadowing shroud, the fields as smooth as silk were magnificent beyond description. 

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