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Picturesque Yongfu Cave of Guilin

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The beautiful Yongfu Cave also known as Qilin Cave is originally named the Dragon Palace of Jinzhong Mountain. The complete length of the Yongfu Cave is about 2,700 meters. The stereoscopic-shaped structure of Yongfu Cave with four layers in total had both land and water. A beautiful sight greets the eye wherever one happens to be in the cave, but from the way all these beautiful sights are grouped together by nature.

It is true to say that inside the Yongfu Cave one is greeted by the ever-changing scenery of rare beauty every step of the way. It is without exaggeration to say that Yongfu Cave is blessed with the widest variety of stalactites and stalagmites among all of the karst caves in Guilin. The stalactites in Yongfu cave are of in many different shapes and postures that are strangely wonderful. Yongfu Cave with its fantastically shaped stalactites and stalagmites wins it the fame of "An Artistic Wonder of Nature". Other kinds of stalagmites rising up like tree-trunks to meet the stalactites suspended from the roof.

The winding Yongfu Cave is intricated in structure where the variform stalactites and stalagmites have a dazzling effect on your eyes. Yongfu Cave can be ranked as World Stalactites Expo. On all sides, verdant sunset-bathed hills meet the eye. The air was thick with the scent of the flowers. People could launch the tourism campaigns all the year round. Several hundreds of clear pools of all shapes and sizes inside the colorful limestone cave connect with the underground river by means of a vein maze.

The water was shining brilliantly and perfectly clear in season and out of season. The four seasons have different outlet positions and water level. No one could know for sure what are its source and destination. As the old saying goes, "Yongfu, having happiness forever," thus the local people considered Yongfu Cave as the true source of human welfare.

Yet the natural two words "Fu" and "Shou" and Shengjin Pool, Jinshatan Sand and Yinsha Mountain could add radiance and beauty to each other. They could not only make "Fu and Shou" atmosphere expressed with unambiguous clarity, but also added a touch of considerable polish. Visitors mostly enjoyed the weirdly-shaped mountain grottoes chiefly by viewing the scenery.

Yongfu Cave not only boasts its picturesque caves and spectacular rocks, but also extremely high academic and research value. There're three living fossils with geological change and the trace of crustal movement are plainly visible, which could not only give people the strong visual impact but also make visitors marvel at the wonders of nature.

The even temperature of Yongfu Cave all year round is about 18 degrees centigrade, several hundred crystal clear lime-flower pools in all shapes and sizes scattered around the caves. The maze of vein connected with Yongfu Cave runs through the whole Qilin mountain ranges. After a comprehensive inspection, the experts all think that the cave is the world fantastic cave out of a hundred that can be fully developed into the worldwide tourist attraction. 

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