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Place of Joy - Harbin Polarland

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Harbin Polarland is located near the famous tourist attraction-The Sun Island. As the first amusement park featuring with polar animals in the world, it attracts hundreds of thousands visitors for the amazing polar animals entertainment show. 

I have seen a picture called “The Heart of the Sea” for quite a while, till today, I know this is where the picture was taken. Two whales curved together into a heart shape, with pretty trainer girl under the water, it looks so beautiful. How fun it is to live with those cute and smart animals everyday! 

Almost every animal is a famous star and has its own name in here, the first Antarctic penguin born in inland-Mambo, funny polar bears brothers- Don and Quixote, young and vibrant Russian walrus Eno and Eva, Magic master sea lion-billy and his star team, just imagine how much fun you could have from such extravaganza of white world!


There’s a Arctic wolf couple from Canada, named as Hal and Maya. Not like other polar animals, they do not walk around that much. Arctic wolf was a lucky species, they are the survivor from the ice age about thirty thousand years ago. Maybe because they have seen so much coldness in the wold which they do, now they are just being calm and quite, just guessing.

According to the feeder here, the two polar bear brothers fight for territory almost everyday, from water to the bank, then back into the water. Violent and cruel as it seems, but they did make the tourists trip here more interesting. No wonder polar bears can be the overlord of the north pole, they can swim for 320 kilometers with no stop. With one single punch, they could break the head bone of walrus. 


Greater Khingan zone, tourists can experience the primitive look of the great Khingan area with high-tech sound, light and such. A vivid picture is right in front of you, spinning windmill, red rusty fireplace, joyful old water wheel, as well as the deer head, gun, arrows hanging on the wall from hunters cabin. It is amazing that this whole thing would make feel like you are really in there, with snow mountain in the distance.

Fisherman's Wharf is my favorite of all. It was built according to the original look of the Fisherman's Wharf located in Los Angeles. It depicts a picture of coconut trees and the beach all mixing together under the blue sky. Here also live dozens of sea fish, such as butterflyfish, angelfish, Bullet mackerel, clown fish and so much more. 


They also have a special entertainment zone for kids which allows children to have a better look of sea in different layers and sections thus understand the importance of protecting the sea as a kid. Inside a fishermen cabin, it displays 20 or so pictures of the fisherman’s life about 100 hundred years ago of this area, and it looks pretty cool.

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