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Poetic Violin Lake in Mount Lushan

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Violin Lake in the Mountain Lushan is located at the Central Town Park in Guling Street. The lake dates back to 1961, with an area of about 110,000 square meters and the gross storage capacity of 100 million cubic meters. This lake resembles a violin, so it is named Violin Lake. We're going to set out from the Central Town Park in Guling Street and travel west along Daling Road, and reach the Violin Lake.

Inside the lake, there are winding bridge, pavilion and flower-bordered path that takes its name from the story that The famous poet Bai Juyi once took an indirect route to enjoy the flowers. On the garden grounds are many curious and exotic plants of which the most notable is the peach flowers and all kinds of famous flowers.

"When the flowers and sages in the plain are decaying, nowhere else but in the mountains is the peach blossoming." This is a famous sentence by the poet Liu Yuxi of Tang Dynasty, as described in the famous poem "Peach Flowers in the Dalin Temple" by Bai Juyi the famous Tang poet.

Violin Lake is located at the west valley, surrounded by the green and luxuriant hills. Enjoying a mild climate and four distinctive seasons, the quiet and tasteful environment of Violin Lake is an admirable place to come to for a holiday and rest. There's one island at the centre of the lake. Inside the lake there're many peacocks in captivity that are displaying the fine tail feathers. Hence the name peacock island.

The linked zigzag bridge encrusted with waterside pavilion forms the beautiful scenery with the blue hills and green streams that complement and set each other off. Here magnificent waterside pavilion stands in the midst of luxuriant trees. From here, one can have a broad view of all the fascinating scenes with the lake and the surrounding hills.

The Island commands a panoramic view of the surrounding scenes. With the curved and exquisite lakeshore, the smooth surface of the lake shaped like a violin reminds me of the Erhai Lake of Yunnan Province that gets its name from its shape of a human ear. The similarity lies in the fact that they take their name from the shape, and both of them are highland lakes, for example, Violin Lake with the altitude of about 1,100 meters.

The difference is that Violin Lake is in ingenious and delicate styles, with an area of 110,000 square meters. We roamed the banks of the lake with layer after layer of mountain trees. The scene was truly a feast for the eyes. Enjoy the lake and the first thing that salutes the eye is its stupendous lakeshore view as well as the vibrant newness of the green growing all around.

Those covered bridge and island in a lake both highlight the garden scenery. There's a vesture of emerald green pines all around the island. Here you could breathe the fresh and sweet air and plunge yourself into the nature whole-heartedly in the poetical glamour.

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